Autocourse 1989/90



Autocourse 1989/90 edited by Alan Hemy. 288pp. 121/4″ x 91/4″. Hazleton Publishing, 3 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey TW 10 6RE. £21.95

yet again, the publishers have done a magnificent job in producing their annual. Although there are chapters on Formula 3000, the World Sports-Prototype Championship, Touring Cars, Formula 3 and the American scene, the Grand Prix reports, results and articles have to be the reason for buying it.

The editor’s choice of top 10 drivers makes interesting reading, but more so his report on the drivers who were not included on the list. Maurice Hamilton of The Independent gives an overview of the season while writers such as David Tremayne, Nigel Roebuck and Doug Nye intersperse it with features on different aspects Tremayne on Ferrari, Roebuck on Patrese and Nye on Lotus. As a record of the season Autocourse is Insurmountable. If there is one criticism, however, it is the fact that there are cutaway line drawings on only Arrows, Ferrari, Lotus, Minardi, Tyrrell and Williams. It would have been good to have seen one of every car that made the grid. WPK