The 1989 Esso British Touring Car Championship



The 1989 Esso British Touring Car Championship Barrie Hinchcliffe Productions Limited, Boston House, 36138 Fitzroy Square, London, W1 P 5LL. Released by Virgin Vision. Running time —175 mins. £9.99

Barry Hinchcliffe’s review of the 1989 Esso Touring Car Championship comprises full length accounts of each of the 13 rounds. For the casual viewer, this is its downfall as it could be said to drag on a little, with the interesting action spread out between long spells of routine stuff.

For those devoted to following the antics of Messrs. Rouse, Gravett, Weaver and Sytner, however, such full coverage will be relished. The format is exactly as seen on TV with Murray Walker’s excited commentary lending drama even when the action has lulled.

The early season in-team Prodrive battles between Weaver and Ssrtner are given appropriate coverage of course, and the in-car footage here is most amusing. You can almost feel Weaver bracing himself as he prepares to take another whack up the rear from team-mate Frank as the two enter the braking area for the complex at Silverstone . . . In all a typically professional and entertaining account of a very entertaining series. Perhaps the one thing that could have been added would have been a section of post-season interviews with some of the leading players, adding a touch of analysis to proceedings. PHM