Naish hillclimb



Naish hillclimb


I was interested to see in the article “Motoring with Bill Little” a photograph of an event at the Naish hillclimb, near Bristol.

Meetings regularly took place at Naish hill until the early 1970s, when the M5 motorway was constructed through the hillclimb. The uphill section of the motorway south of junction 19 is known locally as “Naish hill” and is notorious for traffic congestion on the southbound carriageway during busy weekends. Few drivers caught in the uphill crawl will realise that they are passing through a hillclimb where speed was once the order of the day! The old hillclimb passed from right to left, crossing the M5 at a point near the top of the incline, beyond the bridge. The upper portion of the hillclimb, including the part depicted in the abovementioned article, still survives. ALAN M BRITTON Portishead, Bristol

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