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Belgian Grand Prix

SpaFrancorchamps 26 August

The only time it didn’t rain at Spa for a Grand Prix since its reintroduction in 1983, the race was cancelled because it was too hot! The weather in the Ardennes is very unpredictable and can change from sunny and dry to wet and windy in a matter of minutes. Sounds like a pretty grizzly place, doesn’t it? But wet or dry, sunny or stormy, there’s nothing quite like the sight and sound of Formula One cars roaring through the wooded hillsides at Spa. The old circuit has been much improved over the last ten years but the many bends and corners still evoke memories of times gone by La Source, Eau Rouge, Raidillon. It’s one of the few circuits left where you can make a real comparison between the greats of today and those of yesterday especially in the rain! For all the hi-tech gismos in the modern Formula One car, Spa, more than any other circuit, demonstrates that drivers can still make the difference not everybody can acquaplane through Eau Rouge! And, when it comes to wet weather driving, nobody can deny that Senna is king; as he proved yet again at Spa in 1989.

Weather apart, the attraction of Spa to the British spectator is manifold. Just across the channel, Brussels is your centre for a trip to Spa. Like any capital city, Brussels has all the day and night time attractions you would expect and more.

So, for a bank holiday break of excellent value with superb racing, choose the Belgian Grand Prix. Let’s hope for a the one this year. Or maybe not!