Babs Saga

Litigation over who is the legal owner of “Babs” (the LSR car in which Parry Thomas was killed at Pendine in 1927), Owen Wyn-Owen, who dug it up in 1969 and removed it from Pendine for restoration, or Pendine Council in whose area it was buried after the fatal accident, has been resolved.

The arrangement is that “Babs” is to live in the Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum in Cardiff but return to Pendine for ten weeks each summer to attract tourism. Wyn-Owen to have access to it when he wants to exercise the famous car — so we hope it will be seen in action again, not too infrequently. Unfortunately, there appears to be disagreement between Pendine Community Council and Pendine District Council as to where “Babs” should be displayed at Pendine. Pendine Council wants the car in a building on the outskirts of the town, while the District Council is in favour of putting the car on display (for those ten weeks) in an extension of the Beach Hotel (where Parry Thomas stayed) and of extending the out-buildings to form a motor museum, conference centre, etc, at a cost of some £60,000.

The plan was to have had “Babs” back at Pendine by the summer of 1992. But at present there is wrangling between Carrnathen District and County Councils over the £25,000 legal costs of having obtained partial ownership of “Babs”. They were each to have put in a maximum of £10,000 but one Councillor has suggested only £2000 and another obiected entirely. The matter has gone to the Financial Committee.

Never before has a racing car caused such a stir, extending over a period of nearly 65 years! – WB