The things they picture

I have no reason to doubt that the new Nissan Micra is an excellent little car. But I have not been able to drive it, because the Motor Industry’s insurance folk, with the caution (in my case I would say over-caution) typical of insurance interests consider that I am too old to be safe in it. It is made in the British Sunderland plant and won a 1993 “Car of the Year” award. Be that as it may, with road safety paramount and put across to us at every possible opportunity, I was surprised to see a publicity picture of a Nissan 2.0 Serena 5GX parked not too neatly and with a cyclist poking his machine out beyond the car, and some distance away a child cyclist leaning on her bicycle in the middle of the road… If this induced an accident, neither of them might then be able to enjoy the presumably fine aspects and spaciousness of the Serena!