VSCC Enstone Awards

The results of the VSCC December driving-test meeting, which we reported last month, were not available by press day. For the record they are appended: Seven non-started. Best performance: 1 Mahany (1939 HRG). Best light-car: Mrs Di Threlfall (1928 A7 Chummy). Best touring car: R Edmunds (1923 Morgan 3 wheeler). Best saloon: B Clarke (1929 A7). Best Edwardian: M Croome (1904 1300cc Wolseley). First Class Awards: 1 Mahany, S Price (1930 A7), A Hall (1928 A7), J Brewster (1930 A7), R Threlfall (1928 A7), P Livesey (1927 A7). D Marsh (1925 Brescia Bugatti), H Moffatt (1923 Brescia Bugatti). Second Class Awards: Miss Lemon (1928 A7), C Hamilton Gould (1920 Citroen), A Marsh (1928 A7). Third Class Awards: M Bullett (1930 A7), D Somers (1931 A7), J Newell ( I 929A7), S Shoosmith (1934 Riley), D Hescroff (1936 AC), M Blake (1928 Frazer Nash), D Roberts (1924 Alvis), P Rosoman (1930 A7), R Dainty (1927 A7). Retired: C Gordon (1912 Hispano-Suiza), Miss Poat (1926 A7) and Miss Marsh ( 1926 A7). WB