Some Club Fixtures

Those with brand-new 1996 diaries may care to note the following fixtures among others of course, issued by some ambitious Clubs: Bentley DC: AGM April 28, Silverstone Meeting August 10; STD Register: AGM February 18, National Rally July 6/7; Bugatti OC: AGM July 11, Prescott meetings April 13/14, May 4/5, May 18/19, May 26, lune 29/30, July 21, July 27/28 (VSCC), August 31/September 1: MCC: Land’s End Trial April 5/6, End to End May 28/30. Testing Trial July 14, Edinburgh Trial October 5, Silverstone races October 26, Exeter Trial January 3/4 1997: VMCC: Hundreds, including Banbury Run lune 16, Golden Jubilee July 26/28; Lea-Francis OC: Stanford Hall Rally June 3; Riley Centenary Rally June 29/30; Daimler & Lanchester OC Centenary Rally, June 8/9; 750 MC Beaulieu National Rally, June 30. And congratulations to the Jowett OC for very promptly sending out a clear leaflet on the 1995 Budget changes to vehicle excise duty and the much appreciated exempt taxation on pre-1971 vehicles. W B