VSCC Results Kentish Rally

Those who gained First Class Awards in the autumnal rally on September 17 were P Hart (Humber), I Potter (Alvis), R Dames-Longworth (MG) and A Lupton (Lea-Francis). Second Class Awards went to R Jardine (Riley), C Hanna (Riley), K Burnett (Alvis), T Clark (Salmson), P Cattell (Riley) and R Edge (Bentley). Third Class Awards to P Easter (Sunbeam), Carol Gill (Lea-Francis), A Cameron (Fiat) and J Portway (Riley), helped by their navigators. The overall winners were C Poynter/Sarah Nothard (Lea-Francis). who also took Best Newcomers Award. Best Novice was R Wheatland (Singer). W B