Jack Field

Jack Field, whom I interviewed in MOTOR SPORT in 1990, was well known for winning some 100 trophies in sand racing at Southport with his 1924 Darraqc “Hell’s Angel” and his single-seater 1925 Talbot “Golden Barrow”. He won his first Brooklands race in the Darraqc in 1930, before buying Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 2.3-litre Bugatti, with which he collected another 44 Southport trophies. With a Type 43 Bugatti he competed at Phoenix Park and in the Ulster TT, while in 1934 he shared the fearsome 4.9-litre Bugatti “Tiger Two” with Kaye Don in the BRDC 500, gaining his 120mph badge. He then took on two LSR cars, the 4000hp Sunbeam “Silver Bullet” and the 350hp ex-Campbell Sunbeam, but neither proved successful for him, and he sold them to Freddie Dixon and Billy Cotton respectively.

When war came Field joined Kaye Don’s motorcycle sales business and did not return to racing, though he continued to enjoy watching the sport to the end. WB