Tough Nocturnal

Owners of three-wheeler Morgans are keen folk, and tough with it. Take the club’s annual Night Trial. This not only involves driving these cyclecars all night in tough terrain in Wales, but also involves special tests in which a tyre is changed and two plugs removed and replaced, against the stop-watch. Hardly surprising that only nine started on a night when rain added to the hazards.

It began at Clocaenog Forest in North Wales and went towards Denbigh, with hillstarts, braking and width tests for good measure. As if that was not enough, there was a blindfold driving frolic and a two-lap test to the nearest time per lap to count. So, all praise to the winner, Andy Abraham in a Super Sports, navigated by Philip Ingle, who took the Les Bolton Trophy. The only breakdown involved Tony Rothin’s F-type, which broke a clutch withdrawal rod 10 miles from the end, but finished. Good show all round. This Year’s event will be in Cambridgeshire.