Douglas Burnell (‘Bunny’) Tubbs, who died last November aged 86, grew up with acute physical disabilities but this scarcely hampered his love of motoring or his journalistic career. He would venture abroad, alone, in an early 30-98 Vauxhall and drive his supercharged M-type MG with great verve, as I remember from a run to Donington with him before the war, when the electrode blew out of one of the plugs! Tubbs was educated at Cambridge and Harvard. When war came I suggested that he might aid Laurence Pomeroy, also unfit for the Services, by running The Motor. This he did until 1963, and continued writing, with books on Motoring Art, etc.

An early member of the VSCC and Guild of Motoring Writers, one of Tubbs’ memorable cars was the massive 1904 40/60 Gordon-Brillie “Gobbling Billy”. This he drove with verve, as he did the DKW he used during wartime. He will be remembered not only for his stylish work but for overcoming with glee, problems which would have defeated many.