From Boxkite to Jet

The value offered by the books of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust (PO Box 31, Derby DE24 8BJ) is very commendable. Their latest, No 28 in this historical series, is Boxckite To Jet the remarkable career of Frank B Halfonl, by Douglas R Taylor (ISBN 1 872922 16 3). This is a well illustrated 221-page publication for £7.50. As Frank Halford raced Ricardo-Triumph, AstonMartins and his Halford Special, about which there is a full chapter with good pictures, this has a special appeal. It is also a comprehensive account of Halford’s work in the aero-engine field, from conversion of war-surplus V8 Renault engines to Cirrus and Gipsy power for the DH Moth, the later Napier opposed-piston power units, and much more. The appendices are a useful guide to people and companies, but Harry Hawker surely never raced a Mercedes or Austro-Daimler, and his successful AC is not listed, nor was he killed at an air display.