Bahrain drain


I have to agree with the December issue's commentary by Nigel Roebuck. I believe that, over the years, Formula One is slowly leaving its roots behind. That fantastic track Spa seems to be something of the past. What's more, the F1 community no longer races at Zandvoort, Nurburgring, Watkins Glen and Brands Hatch, to name just a few.

The potential move of F1 to new markets such as Turkey, Russia, China, and Bahrain seems to me to be a move based on the almighty dollar alone.

Europe is the birthplace of grand prix racing. How many racing drivers have come from the preceding four countries? None that I know of. So why spend money to take the show there? To make more money, I guess.

Bernie Ecclestone is doing to F1 what Tony George did to CART — slowly killing it.

I am, yours etc,Jerry Wilt, Katy, Texas, USA