DSJ's Duesenberg


I am always interested to read about this car. Jenks bought the original engine from Henry Kyle in Ireland during the 1960s, from the Bobbie Baird-modified Emeryson-Duesenberg chassis (see John Bolster's book on Specials).

The Emeryson-Duesenberg was raced in Jersey and the Isle of Man in 1948 by Paul Emery and Baird, but was dismantled by Baird in 1949 and shortened from 10 feet to 8 feet 2 inches, the reduction gearing scrapped and a de Dion rear axle fitted. The car was finally fitted with a new body.

Baird won a short handicap race at Ards Airfield in 1951 before Kyle bought the car. It was sold at auction in this form some years ago.

It is apparently being restored as the Jersey car, but I find this hard to understand as virtually nothing exists any longer of this car.

I am, yours etc Simon Thomas, Comber, County Down