Not dead, only sleeping


I was just flicking through the pages of a recent issue, as one does, and was surprised to see the article on the Sark racing car. It gave the reader the impression that the Sark Company has finished. Not so; the company was in hibernation for a while as other commitments took precedence, but I would like to inform you that Sark is still alive, with several chassis under renovation.

I own several Sark racing cars, including the Festival-winning car and the first car ‘Starfire’, designed and built by Patrick Head. The car itself is complete but in bits. James Howe, the owner of Sark, and myself would like to see it back to its former glory, either by restoring it ourselves or selling it to an interested party.

We intend to have at least three chassis ready for next season and hope to be able to sell two, with myself competing in the third, probably in one of the classic FF1600 series which are enjoying a popular revival.

I am, yours etc, Wil Arif, Sark Racing