Parker know-all


I have recently taken out a subscription to Motor Sport after a long absence, because of your current emphasis on historic racing and motorsport's glorious past.

Modern-day F1 leaves me cold.

I have not been disappointed.

I very much enjoyed your article on Peter Arundell (almost as much as the one on the 1957 German GP — a story so exciting it can be retold again and again). It is very interesting to read about some of the less well-known drivers, as we probably have read all there is to read about the likes of Fangio, Moss and Clark (although I always enjoy reading it).

Is there any chance of an article about Don Parker? One of the cars I own used to belong to him (sadly I bought it a few weeks after his death) and I should really like to know more about this extraordinary man. Anyone who can come to motor racing as late in life as he did, and then regularly beat some of the established stars (even including Stirling Moss, I believe) must be worth an article.

I am, yours etc, John Coventry, via E-mail