Paperwork could stop play

Documentation for period race and rally cars has been thrown into turmoil following the announcement that FIA Historic Technical Passports (HTPs) will be mandated for all international events in 2007.

The HTP was created to replace the Historic Vehicle Identification Form (HVIF), but many cars have not gone through the new documentation process and there could now be major problems in getting papers completed ahead of the new season. 

Many industry insiders had hoped that the implementation of the rule would be delayed for a year, but this option was rejected by the FIA Historic Motorsport Council. Effectively, any historic car competing at international level after January 1, 2007 will need an HTP.

“We have been reminding everyone who races with us that the system changes for 2007,” says Christopher Tate of the Masters organisation. “In the UK there are literally thousands of cars that should have an HTP and this will put an intolerable strain on the system. We just hope some streamlining can be done so that people can go racing in 2007.”

It is believed that some race series organisers are already seeking to come to suitable arrangements with event scrutineers to ensure that drivers arriving at events without an HTP will still be able to race.