Targa Florio curiosities

Sorting through more Sicilian Targa Florio photos the other day a rich seam of Italian national specials came to the surface. One of the more sanitary-looking of these now long forgotten International World Championship round contenders was the OMS, entered by ‘Don Pedrito’ for himself and co-driver Massimo Cavatorta in the 1-litre Sports class.

Another, wearing a boxy single-curvature bodyshell which looked as if I made it was – I believe, because the only shots I have of it show no race number – the Giliberti A112 of Piero Donato/Giampaolo Ceraola. Both cars started the great race of 1972. Neither finished – but they also serve who only stand and wait. Here are two more etceterini for historic racing car replicators to ponder – never forget the OMS, and the Giliberti. Oh yes, and while I’m at it, how many of you remember the Bogenschultz?