GT Sport expands

More tracks to come, with packed virtual paddocks

One of the main complaints about GT Sport was the lack of cars and tracks. And that has now been rectified. From November many players will have seen the Audi LMP1 R18 appear along with an Iso Rivolta Zagato ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ concept and a Shelby Cobra.

At the time of writing an additional 12 cars are set to land in a December update including a VW Samba Bus Type 2, no less.

But for those more interested in speed than curiosities in a racing game, the Enzo and F40 Ferraris are coming; so too are the Countach, KTM X-Bow, C3 Stingray, a brace of Skylines, an RX-7, F-150 Raptor, Chevy Nova concept and Suzuki Swift Sport.

That’s just the start: a total of 50 cars are said to be on the way along with an unconfirmed number of tracks.

The latest update will also allow players to take part in GT League, a single-player option where players face challenges in a series of increasingly difficult leagues.