Round the Club s



Round the Clubs


The following events are planned to take place during 1926 :—

April 17th. Spring Race Meeting. This is a revival of the Race Meeting which was omitted in 1925 in favour of the High-Speed Reliability Trial, which proved such a success on May 2nd.

June 5th. High-Speed Reliability Trial. Actual conditions of this trial are at present under consideration by the Events Committee.

July 17th. Long Distance Production Car Race. This will be something entirely new and will be confined to standard cars altered within certain specified limits.

Sept. 25th. Two Hundred Miles Race. This will be the sixth time this classic race will be run. The actual course is still a matter of deliberation.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held at the R.A.C. on Wednesday, January 27th.


The annual Bohemian concert and prize giving was held in the cottage, Northumberland Road, on the 25th November. The prizes were distributed by Mrs. E. Willan, and the recipients were as follows :

Corby Hill Climb.—A. Jennings, x; N. Milne, 2 ; Mrs. Ritson, 3.

Berwick Reliability Trial.—Bronze Trophy : G. Urwin, x ; N. Moore, 2; W. P. McCullagh, 3 ; Bronze Medals : Mrs. Ritson, A. Jennings and W. Leatherhead.

Whitby Reliability Trial.—Arthur J. Lucas, Bowl : G. Urwin and J. Percy, x ; N. Milne, 2 ; A. Jennings, 3.

Open All Night Reliability Trial.—Closed Trophy : J. Percy. In the open class, J. Percy and J. Bainbridge tied for first place, and W. F. McCullagh was third in both events.

Shap and Alston Reliability Trial.—Anderson Cup : J. Percy, x; E. Reevely, 2; A. Jennings, 3 ; Special Prize : R. Taylor.

Darlington and Barnard Castle Reliability Trial.—Sir A. Leith Cup : A. Jennings, x ; J. Jennings, 2 ; Special Prizes : J. Bagnall and W. Milne.


The results of the N. W. Centre’s trial on November 22nd are as follows :

Dunlop Cup and Carbjector Cup : Held jointly by J. B. Clegg and W. Howard.

Sunbeam Cup : H. S. Wheeldon.

President’s Rose Bowl : M. Gavson.

Replica Cups. J. B. Clegg, H. S. Wheeldon, W. E. McClure, H. R. Lees, W. Howard, M. Gavson, F. W. Gattrell, W. E. Smithie and N. Drey.

Silver Medals : G. Astbury, T. L. Hatch, E. H. Clifton and B. F. Hunt.

Bronze Medals : D. Williamson, G. Bramwell, J. D. Smithie, S. A. Marks, N. T. Bennett, B. Harrison and H. Tielden.

Hon. Secretary.—G. W. Nabb, Stockdove Road, Cleveleys, near Blackpool.

B.S.A. M.C.C.

The Colonial Speed Trial which was to have been held on 13th December, has been postponed until January 10th. The delay is due to some difficulty in obtaining the necessary police permit.


A hill climb, held at Cresswell Crags in Derbyshire, proved very difficult and only three competitors succeeded in making clean ascents. The spectators were to be blamed for many failures, as they insisted on crowding the course. The results were as follows :

Silver Medal : J. W. Muuniris HUBY : Douglas. Bronze „ : C. R. S/VELL : A. J.S.

This Club also held a very successful dance on 18th November, many novelties helping to entertain the company.


A half-day sporting trial was recently held by this club, starting from the Marquis of Granby, Esher, and finishing at Ripley.

The course included Oxshott, Bookham and Ranmore Common, and one observed hill of one in five.

Owing to the bad surface no non-stop ascents were made ; L. Western accomplished the neatest climb on his Norton. At the famous Newlands Corner, started a two-mile section of deep mud which provided much amusement for all. Despite the quantity and quality of this mud a number of riders actually got through without stopping. Results : Gold Medal … L. Bailey … Norton Silver „ L. Western … Norton

The social secretary is now Mr. L. Stiles, of 172, South Ealing Road, South Ealing, W. 5.

NORTHAMPTON M.C.C. A real super sporting trial held by this club recently resulted in the following prizes being awarded : Silver Cup … A. C. Payne Ariel Silver Medal ••• A. Sangster Aridl IP PP ••• J. Bland Raleigh Bronze Medal W. Freestone .•• Velocette A. E. Catt Enfield


This club organised their first run on November 29th, and a goodly crowd of members set off to negotiate some very treacherous going.

The run ended with tea at the Red Lion, Hatfield, and an impromptu concert proved a good finish to their first day’s run.


The Team Trial of the Western Centre was run off over one of the finest sporting courses to be found in the country ; the actual course was only fifteen miles long, but it had to be covered twice and the thirty miles included no fewer than fourteen observed hills, all of them boasting a severe gradient. Contrary to the usual procedure of a sporting trial of this nature, there were no watersplashes or impossible mud baths, these being calculated to hinder the actual programme of the competitors and, therefore, considered undesirable in a trial of this nature.

The run commenced at the Bear Inn, near Stroud, and before a mile was covered the first hill was encountered; this was Giddynop, a rough climb with an acute left bend.

Here excellent climbs were made by C. W. Peters (348 Baughan), R. Brown (Zenith) and G. Dance (Sunbeam), the latter appearing in very good form. An exciting incident occurred when A. Paley caught his glove in the throttle of his Enfield, thus opening full out and causing the machine to charge the bushes. Uninjured, but with a damaged machine, he continued.

Two more hills and then came the famous Mutton Hill near Chalford, which was responsible for the failure of all but six solo riders.

Again, two more hills before the piece’ de resistance was reached ; this was Mount Vernon, and its quality can be judged from the fact that it was reserved for solo riders only.

Outstanding performances were made by the following :—C. W. Peters (Baughan), 0. Payne (Zenith), C. King (Baughan), G. Dance (Sunbeam), L. Hall (Cotton), V. Holman (B.S.A.), 0. Iles (Baughan) and R. Dee (Rudge).

The second circuit only served to show that it was a question of good riding more than good machines, as the star performers of the first round repeated their efforts on the second.

Results were quickly worked out and were available after tea, which was taken at Stroud.


Members should note that this club has now moved its quarters to the Prince Christian Hotel, King’s Road, Windsor. The Hon. Sec. is Mr. L. M. Lightfoot, of 42, Alma Road, Windsor.


The Club’s fixtures as arranged at present for 1926 are as follows :—

February 7th Reliability Trial.

March 14th Reliability Trial.

April 18th Freak Hill-Climb.

May 2nd Reliability Trial (Stott Course).

July 7th 24-Hours Reliability Trial.

September 2Oth Stott Trophy Reliability Trial.


The last trial, of the year was a stiff one ; ninety miles in length and including some hard going ; Otley was the starting point, and for about fifty miles the roads were good, but in the afternoon a sterner programme ensued including the deserted hamlet at West End and the ascent of Beamsley Beacon. Nevertheless, twenty-one finished out of twenty-eight and the awards were as follows : Bronze Medal : Brooks Trophy and Gold Medal : Silver Medal : Waite Cup and Gold Medal :

W. Clough, Scott & S/C. W. Bradley, Scott & S/C. F. Marshall, A.J.S. & S/C. C. H. Wood, Scott & S/C.


The Club’s annual dinner was held at the George Hotel, Cleckheaton ; Mr. H. A. Davison presiding over a very good attendance.

The feature of the evening was the presentation of cups and trophies won during the year ; Mr. Eric Myers handed the cups to the winners, whom, he said, had thoroughly earned any prizes they might have gained in motor-cycling. He made mention of the fine performance of T. Bullus in the Isle of Man, arguing that he stood now amongst the premier riders of all England.

After Mr. Davison had replied with a vote of thanks, the secretary called the members’ attention to forthcoming events, which included three Whist Drives, a lecture by Mr. G. J. Barry, M.A., and a hide and seek trial. Then followed a musical programme, which was greatly enjoyed by all. The prize list was as follows :

CLUB CUPS : Spen Valley to London and back ; Messrs. W. Ogley, G. Allen, E. Martin, J. Sexton, H. Cooper, G. Clough and J. W. Mortimer.

BRONZE MEDALS: Messrs. H. Moore, A. N. Cooper, H. A. Davison and C. Winters.

ASH TRAYS: Scottish Run ; Messrs. A. N. Cooper, H. Davison, J. Sexton and T. C. Murphy. ‘ SCANDINAVIA CUP AND REPLICA: Presented by the Club ;

Mr. W. E. Anderton.

VASES: Mr. W. Ogley.


E. S. MYERS’S Cur: Mr. W. Ogley.

SILVER BOWL: Mr. T. Bullus. T. H. WILSON’S Cur; With Replica presented by the Club :

Mr. H. Cooper.

GOLD MEDAL: Mr. S. Hirst.

SILVER CIGARETTE CASE: Mr. J. W. Mortimer. CLUB EVENING TRIAL: Messrs. A. Cooper, T. R. Isherwood

and W. B. Anderton.


Twenty-three members of the Club had a thoroughly enjoyable day when they attempted to ” sight ” Messrs. Austin and King during a recent paper-chase.

The hares had ten minutes start, but at the end of a very muddy day, not one hound had succeeded in taking their registration numbers, nevertheless, everyone appeared to agree that the chase had been most exciting.



Very wintry conditions prevailed for the Boon and Porter Cup Trial held on the 5th and 6th of December. The course was the same as the one used for the London

Land’s End as far as Sirnonsbath and the usual climbs of Porlock, Lynton and Beggar’s Roost were retained.

The surface of these hills was bad and, after the last one had been ascended, competitors were faced with several miles of ice-bound roads, which the motorcyclists found extremely unpleasant. Even the car drivers found that without chains they needed occasional outside assistance.


Out of twenty riders only seven completed the hundred mile course of the John Pepper Cup Trial. The circuit included seven watersplash,es and many observed hills, one of which had a gradient of one in two and a half, and two hairpin bends. The Results are as follows :

John Pepper Cup : B. K. RILEY (New Imperial). Gold Medal : V. -RATER (Humber). Team Prize : A. SHAW (Norton).

„ W. CRATER (Humber).


Prize (Best performances) .( V. CHALLINOR (Sunbeam). on hill) 1P. CARTWRIGHT (Standard). •


The results of the Committee Cup Trial run over a course about fifty miles long are as follows : Committee Cup and Silver Medal : W. J. COKE (B.S.A. and S/c.) Silver Medal : F. A. WESTON (Triumph). Bronze Medal : H. V. LUPE (B.S.A.)


Only four riders survived in a fifteen mile sporting trial iecently held by this club ; conditions were as hard as one could wish for in a trial of this nature and several competitors found it difficult to keep on the course at all. J. W. Burke and L. E. Gibbs were amongst the latter, thereby spoiling otherwise excellent performances. Results :

H. E. Hewen’s Cup : A. G. GODFREY (B.S.A.). Silver Medal : F. DYKE (Francis Barnett). Bronze Medal : E. A. Cux,Lum (O.K.). W. M=CALE (0.H.V. Raleigh). 3-gal. Drum of Oil

(Presented by Mr.

S. Moram.) : F. H. DYKE.

The date of the annual dinner at Skindles is fixed for January 15th.


The recent open trial for the Caddell Cup was won by Stanley Woods, riding his 980 c.c. Royal Enfield. The Dublin mountains figured largely in the programme of the course and a watersplash with an unofficial depth was responsible for several drenchings. Altogether, the severity of the course was in evidence throughout its whole length and it constituted a fine circuit over which to settle the tie, which was the result of the Bryan Cooper Cup trial ; out of the six competitors, F. Holmes finally won the Cup on his 499 c.c. Triumph.


This club recently held its first reliability trial. The course lay by way of Lancaster, Guernmore and Caton to Hornby, but the return journey included several ice-bound lanes which made the run more difficult than was expected.

Challenge Trophy : J. PROCTOR (D’Yrsan). Silver Medal : P. BARON (McKenzie). Bronze Medal : C. E. STOTHERT (Sunbeam).


The R.A.C. has issued a closed permit for this club’s race meeting on the Southport Beach on January 9th.

The A.C.U. declined to issue an open permit for the motor-cycle and three-wheeler classes in the “Coast-toCoast “trial on. December 26th and 27th, but the R.A.C. granted a permit for the car class.


Usually content with social runs this club recently held its first reliability trial, consisting of a short twentyfour mile course including three Colonial sections and an observed bill of 1 in 3. On the whole excellent performances were put up, the following being amongst the star riders.

J. Pringle (Calthorpe). J. Greig (Rex-Acme).

A. Sibbald (B.S.A.). G. Fowlis (Triumph).

J. McDonald (Rudge).

G. Fowlis is to be congratulated on his really excellent effort on the observed hill, mounted as he was on a ten-year-old Triumph.

The secretary of the club is Mr. J. S. Hardie, Rosedale, Falkland, Fife.