Club news

Mosely and D. M.C.C.

The headquarters are now at the Pack Horse Hotel, Alcester Road, Birmingham, where a club and social meeting is held weekly on Thursdays at 8.15 p.m. The club, which has an attractive programme of sporting events, will welcome a few amateur riders as new members ; the annual subscription of 5s. covers the twelve months from the date of entry. Interested riders should communicate with Mr. A. Grace, 17, Osborne Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham.

Lisburn M.C.C.

At the distribution of prizes to the successful competitors during the past season it was stated that, with a membership of 114, the club was now the largest within the area of the Ulster Centre M.C.U.I.

The chairman for the occasion was Mr. Cecil Webb, principal of the Lisburn Technical Institute, but perhaps better known as the designer of the Webb two-stroke engine. The chairman of the Ulster Centre was also present and congratulated the club on its wonderful season.

Tunbridge Wells M.C.

The annual dinner and prize distribution will be held on Wednesday. January 8th, at the Royal Mount Ephraim Hotel, commencing at 7.30 p.m. The mayor and mayoress have consented to be present. Dancing will continue until 2 a.m. The toast list has been considerably curtailed.

Early application for tickets (7s.) is essential, as it is not possible to seat more than 100.

Enfield and D. M.C. and C.C.

The seventh annual dinner was held at the Abercorn Rooms on Wednesday, December 4th. There was quite a representative gathering of members and their friends, and once more Prof. A. M. Low, the president, took the chair.

Responding to a toast proposed by Mr. H. B. Barrett, the professor indulged in a few witty reminiscences of previous dinners that he had attended. Later in his speech, however, he spoke in more serious vein of the work undertaken by the R.A.C. in fighting the cause of the motorcyclist and the motorist in connection with the proposed regulations affecting the weight of motorcycles. He also complimented the Enfield Club on the way its members had supported the various events organized by the governing body. Mr. W. E. Todd, the hon. secretary, stated that the membership was greater than it had ever been, and was still increasing in a most encouraging manner. Lack of interest in social runs, however, was rather a fly in the ointment, but this could be remedied, he suggested, if the ladies would help. This point was also emphasized by Mr. D. C. H. Livingston when he proposed the toast of "The Ladies."

The presentation of awards was followed by dancing and the affair continued until a very late hour.

Leytonstone and D. M.C.

New members enrolling now will be entitled to membership until December 31st, 1930. Particulars will be supplied by Mr. G. C. Smith, 43, Cobbold Road, Leytonstone, E.11 .


Such was the success of the first race promoted by the British Racing Drivers' Club, which made its bow with the immensely successful 500 Miles Race run at Brooklands on October 12th last, that next year's event on similar lines, which is to take place at Brooklands on Saturday, October 4th, has been placed on the International Calendar, and will therefore be known as the B.R.D.C. International 500 Miles Race.

Motor Sport in Australia.

The East Brisbane Auto Club held a very successful hill-climb on Mount Gravatt recently, when a large and enthusiastic crowd gathered to watch the sport. The surface was deeply rutted by rain. The fastest climb was made by a Chandler and the best time in the standard car class—a handicap event—was made by a Morris Minor driven by J. V. Giles. A Salmson was fourth in this class and an Austin Seven tenth.

Sunbeam M.C.C.

An event of great interest and novelty will be the Pioneer Run, for motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, which the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club is to hold on February 2nd, in conjunction with the Association of Pioneer Motorcyclists ; any owner of the necessary machine may enter. The start will be from the Aerodrome, Purley Way, Croydon, and the finish will be at the Pylons, on the outskirts of Brighton, lunch being taken in Holley and tea in Brighton after the finish.

Entries will close on January 22nd and all details of the trial, together with entry forms can be obtained from the hon. secretary of the meeting, Mr. F. W. Pinhard, 3, Wavertree Road, London, S.W.2.