THANKS to recent research in the British glass and celluloid industries, safety glass for motor windscreens aud windows will eventually he made entirely of British raw materials. Hitherto, suitable sheet glass, and celluloid which is an essential component of safety glass, have not been available in this country. The glass is now to be manufactured in Lancashire ; whilst a committee, headed by Dr. Hepworth of

Imperial Chemical Industries, has for the last two years been investigating the possibility of manufacturing the right type of celluloid in this country. This committee has carried out experiments in different parts of the country. Nitro cotton has been produced at Arder and Stevenston in Ayrshire. The celluloid itself has been made at Manningtree in Essex, and the completed product has been tested in the Triplex labor

atones at King’s Norton, Birmingham.

“Although we are quite satisfied with the quality of the foreign materials,” said Mr. Graham Cunningham, Managing Director of the Triplex Company, “we wish, if we possibly can, to obtain our supplies at home—provided the quality is satisfactory.

“We are prepared to pay higher prices ; bu.t, as a matter of fact, British materials will probably cost no more than those produced abroad.”