NOW you can have Penetrating Vision with


We have pleasure in announcing one of the greatest scientific discoveries of interest to motorists—a specially treated glass which definitely projects light through fog and mist without back-glare. It must not be confused in any way with amber discs or suchlike fog equipment now on the market. It ends once and for all the terror, the slow speeds and the strain of driving in fog and mist. Discovered by eminent British Doctor of Science now engaged on Government work it has been perfected and tested under all conditions, both natural and artificial. Now this remarkable glass is placed within the reach of all motorists under the trade name of ” Nebulite.’ Claim is not made that it. will Pierce a hole through fog,” making a tunnel yards long, but it is claimed that “Nebulite” projects more light through fog and mist without hack-glare. Last winter

Nebulite underwent exhaustive tests in the hands of the leading Motoring Journals and extracts from their reports may be seen on the right. Made by Pilkington Bros. the leading Glass Experts to whom praise must go for the practical application of many of the exacting demands of the technical formula. If you will post the form on the right we will gladly send you illustrated literature, test reports, and spectrograph photographs, which explain in non-technical language

function of this wonderful “Nebulite” Fog Filter Glass that has ended the great bugbear and danger of winter motoring.

Available in all Standard Sizes to fit existing lamps

The fitting of ” Nebulite ” Fog Filter Glasses to existing lamps is a simple matter. They are made in all sizes to fit Standard headlamps. Full list of sizes will be sent with literature in return for coupon. Definitely Anti Dazzle and better ” Contrast ” on clear nights

The main object in producing ” Nebulite Fog Filter Glass was to combat fog—that is achieved, but under test on clear nights it was found to have many incidental advantages. Although the first impression is that illumination is not so good as with ordinary glass, actually it has proved to be greater and more natural especially on black asphalt roads. It does not give a searchlight effect and is definitely anti-dazzle. All this is fully explained in the literature gladly sent free on request.


Arrangements have been concluded that will enable all motorists to judge the value of ” Nebulite ” Fog Filter Glasses on their own cars without risking a penny. Additionally we are including, free of charge with all first despatches of “Nebulite “, a special attachment for cutting out backglare from side-lights during foggy weather whilst keeping within the bounds of the Road Traffic Act. These offers are temporary ; early application is urged.

N.B. Chauffeurs and transport drivers are requested to obtain particulars on behalf of their employers. This Generation has seen GLASS that admits the sun GLASS that defies the heat GLASS that withstands blows At last comes GLASS THAT CONQUERS FOG What the Press says :—


” . . . a pair of headlamp glasses have now been in use by a representative of The Autocar for some time. Been found to give . . . penetration of fog and absence of back-glare.”


” One very misty evening I could not read the posters on the hoarding by the white light, but with the Nebulae,’ although it cast no visible rays, I read the lettering quite well.”

“THE MOTOR,” NOVEMBER 28, 1933. ‘• Tests which we have carried out with this

Nebulite • glass show it to be decidely effective under foggy conditions, the extra range of vision and absence of glare . . . most noticeable . . . Under ordinary clear weather, night driving conditions, the filtered light is definitely restful.”


” . . . we can definitely say that we found it of material help in foggy weather.”

“THE WORLD’S CARRIERS,” JANUARY 15, 1934. . . . a glass filter was then produced . . . and tested on the road, when it was found to produce all the results that had been hoped for and expected.”

and “THE LANCET,” FEBRUARY 17. ” This glass certainly merits trial.”