Entries for the 1935 Monte Carlo Rally numbered 170. In the fourteenth Rally, which takes place between the 25th and 30th January, 1936, only 74 names have so far appeared, though there are bound to be a few last-minute nominations. Much of this decline is due to the lack of support from manufacturers and particularly British firms such as Riley, Triumph and Singer. Preparing cars for this event undoubtedly entails considerable trouble and expense, with a further expenditure in getting the cars to their starting points, not to speak of the Rally itself. This year, it seems it is up to the amateur drivers to show what British cars can do.

The final test is, of course, objectionable to many manufacturers. A comfortable well-sprung touring car of ample wheelbase is at a serious disadvantage in competition with a short, light vehicle of the same capacity, though this state of affairs is liable to happen in any sportscar competition. Prominent amongst this year’s British entry are the four 41-litre Lagondas driven by T. G. Moore, A. P. Good, T. C. Mann and R. Dobell. The long wheelbase of these cars will, however, hamper them in the final test.

Probably the most-favoured starters under English colours are the FrazerNash-B.M.VV.s which have excellent acceleration and a taxi-cab lock. S. H. Light, who had arranged to take an S.S. 100, has now gone over to one of the short-wheelbase 2-litre A.C.s and this car, too, should stand an excellent chance in the over 1,500 c.c. category. As a contrast to these, H. E. Symons is taking a touring Wolseley saloon, and Wisdom and Norman Black a Flying Standard 20.

Starting from Athens, however, they will receive a useful advantage in marks, and may appear high on the list if conditions are reasonable on the Balkan route.

Last year’s winner, Lahaye, is once again, as might be expected, at the wheel of a Renault, while Hotchkiss and Delahaye, the two most successful French sports cars, are well patronised.

Fords are fewer than usual, but a considerable number more are expected amongst the last-minute entries.

Judging by the weather at present prevailing in England, rally drivers are in for a hard year, though Continental countries have not yet reported any exceptional falls of snow. Considerable panic amongst the Athens competitors was caused by a report of floods in Greece, but on reference to a map these were found to be in provinces well removed from the Rally route. Here is the list of competitors so far received, with starting places where known :

1. C. Lahaye (Renault). A.

2. Trevoux (Hotchkiss). A.

3. K. W. B. Sanderson (Bentley).

4. :line. A. I. C. Sybrandy (D.K.W.).

5. A. C. Scott (Bentley).

6, L. Levie and L. Zeldenrust (Ford).

7. Major D. E. M. Doughis-Morris (Ford).

8. Mme. M. Marcuse and Mlle. Hustin (Hotchkiss).

9. F. H. Heyn (Lincoln).

10. T. G. Moore (Lagonda). T.

11. A. P. Good (Lagonda). T.

12. H. E. Symons (Wolseley). A.

14. F. Juhan (Ford).

15. J. Abbott (Riley).

10. I. Zamilrescou and P. G. Cristea (Ford). B.

17. B. N. Willmott (Royer).

18. P. Vallee (Bugatti).

19. A. Conopissopoulos (Buick). A.

20. F. de Ribiero Ferriem (RaiIton).

21. C. Amband (Delahaye). Mme. Siko (Delahaye).

23. R. Cayla and R. FrOntignac (Delahaye).

24. J. Paul and J. FOeh (Delahaye).

25. T. 11. Wisdom and N. Black (Standard). A.

26. Mme. C. Orsini (Salmson).

27. Dr. L. Billon -(Renault).

28. R.. Carriere (Matford).

99. F. Chevroton and T. Mercier (Renault).

30. D. H. Murray (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.). T.

31. G. Bakker-Sehut and G. van Limburg Stirum (Ford).

32. P. Guyard (Hotchkiss).

33. 0. J. W. Moncrieff (Riley).

34. Mrs. A. Gordon Holmes (Standard). 36. C. H. Mann and T. C. Mann (Lagonda). S.

36. H. L. G. Koopman (B.M.W.).

37. G. Huller (Auto-Union Special).

38. M. Contet and A. Guyot (Amilear).

39. F. O. de Moleyns (Daimler).

40. Mlle. L. Lamberjack (Hotchkiss).

41. Mme. L. Selloff and L: Schell (Delahaye).

42. R. Guyot (Renault).

43. W. P. Maidens (Rover).

44. .T. W. Whalley (Ford).

45. A. D. Grimmond and R. D. Gregory (Raton).

46. B. H. 0. Brinkel (Ford).

47. M. Real and Cora (Renault).

48. W. L. Innes and C. Lewin (Riley). 40. Mrs. M. I. Cotton (Aston-Martin).

50. Mme. Marinovitch and Mlle. Belle Nice (Matford). 51. F. P. Berry and T. E. Kenny ( 1

52. M. Klink() (B.M.W.).

53. P. de Massa and N. Mahe (Talbot).

54. Z. Pohl (Popular).

55. Lord P. Stuart (M.G.).

56. A. J. Driskell (Avon Standard).

57. A. E. and R. .T. Dobell (Lagonda).

58. Mme. A de Bourbon and P. Chassonniere (flat).

59. H. T. van Marken (Bentley).

60. Dr. J. J. Sprenger van Eijk (Ford).

61. B. Pacts von Amerongen and J. jaarsma (Ford). W. W. Zweerts de Jong (S.S.).

63. W. L. Tie! (Minerva Kromhout).

64. G. Marjan (Fiat).

65. C. Balester and H. Trintignant (Hudson).

66. Miss M. Anderson (Riley).

67. S. H. Light (A.C.).

68. S. A. B. Clausen (Ford).

69. Soergel and Tenhoff (Hansa).

70. Mine. 0. Junkers (Plymouth).

71. B. Wist and S. J. Herstad (Morris).

72. Miss J. Astbury (Singer).

73. Hon. B. E. Lewis (8.5.).

74. lng Nearntu and V. Frumusanu (Ford).

75. F. Lecot (Citroen).

A denotes Athens T denotes Tallinn: B denotes Bucharest : S denotes Stavanger.