A remarkably interesting model has just been completed by an Austrian garage proprietor in Baden-Baden, South

Germany. Although the wheelbase of the car measures barely two feet and the entire machine can be lifted in one hand, it is a perfect mechanical miniature of a highly tuned racing-car ; it was built by the owner in his spare time, taking nearly three years to complete, most of the parts having to be made by hand, with the exception of the plugs which were supplied by Bosche. The engine is of overhead camshaft design (this camshaft and tiny valves with double valve springs are of the neatest workmanship imaginable), the capacity is 35 c.c., and the maximum revs somewhere in the region of 8,000. The ignition is, of course, by battery and coil. The body-work is built on the lines of the racing Mercedes-Benz. With its designer in tow, a road speed of 35 kiloinetres per hour can be obtained. The driver travels on the car with the aid of a motorcycle saddle on two wheels which can be hooked on to the tail and two foot-rests screwed into the sides of the chassis ;

he steers the car with the thumb and finger of one hand on the spring steering wheel, while the other hand manipulates the throttle on the dash.

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