Study of the 1939 Record List shows that A.C. has three records, Adler twenty, Alfa-Romeo six, Amilear six, AppletonSpecial two, Austin sixteen, Auto-Union twenty-one, Bugatti thirty-seven, Blue Bird four, Napier-Campbell two, Citroen 260, Delahaye six, Derby-Miller five, Derby seven, D.K.IAT. seven, Duesenberg seventeen, E.R.A. one, Fiat twelve, Simca Fiat fourteen, Hotchkiss four, Hawkes Special one, Jappie two, Maserati eleven, Yacco twenty-five, Alercedes-Benz two, M.G. thirty-three, Miller four, Mormon forty-three, Napier-Railton two, Nibbio three, Packard three, Riley six, Speed of the Wind eight, Standard two, Studebaker fifteen, Sunbeam three, Thunderbolt four, Union 76 Special two, Vitesse seventeen, Voran one and VaccoSpecial live. The fastest records in each class are :-World’s : Eyston (Thunderbolt) 357.3 m.p.h. Class A: Iiyston (Thunder bolt) 357.3 m.p.h. Class B: Caracciola (Mercedes-Benz) 208.9 m.p.h. Class C : Rosemeyer (Auto-Union) 219.5 ni.p.h. Class D : Furmanik (Maserati) 134.44 m.p.h. Class E : Mrs. Stewart (DerbyMi Ili 147.79 m.p.h. Class F : Furmanik (Maserati) 148.2 m.p.h. Class G : Major Gardner -(M.G.) 186.6 m.p.h. Class H : Kohlrausch (M.G.) 140.7 m.p.h. Class I : Lurani (Nibbio) 100.76 m.p.h. Class J : Gush (Vitesse) 77.52 m.p.h. Oil-Engine : Eyston (Flying Spray) 159.1 m.p.h. The coveted flying mile, world’s hour and world’s 24 hour records are held respectively by : Eyston (Thunderbolt) 357.3 Ab. Jenkins (Mormon) 177.05 m.p.h. and Jenkins and Meyer (Mormon) 157.27 m.p.h.-beyond the ken of Brooklands and IVIontlhery. The oldest standing International Records are the Class J standing start mile and kilo, by Walters’s Jappie at 52 and 58 m.p.h., established in 11123. The oldest British Record is 11c ‘s Napier 24 hour record of 1907, at 65,91 m.p.h. The 1912 Lorraine records (6 hours at 86 m.p.h.), the 191:1 Sunbeam figures (12 hours at 90 m.p.h.), the 1922 Bentley 12 hours (87 m.p.h.), and the old. Aston-Martin, LancheSter and LeylandThomas figures still appear. The fastest British Record is Campbell’s 217.6 m.p.h. over the kilo with the NapierLArrolAster. The British ” Hour ” belongs to Kaye Don’s Sunbeam at 120.8 m.p.h., and the British 12 Hours (the 24 hours is unattemptable because of the Brooklands silence-is-golden outlook) belongs to Thomas, Duller and Rapson (Lan

chester) at 95.7 m.p.h. Thirty-one International records still standing were made at Brooklands.