G. WARBURTON'S "30/98"



G. WARBURTON’S ” 30/98 “

[Guy Warburton sends. the following letter concerning the continued potency of his famous 30/98 Vauxhall, which we gladly record.—Ed.]

You will be interested to hear ‘that your old bus has .just won its first ” Pot” in South Africa, quite a respectable looking pint tankard with glass bottom

another 30/98 by 9 secs., being beaten for fastest time by three cars in the racingclass. The hill is narrow and loose stones and dust like a trials course after a bad drought but the ” comps.” gave no wheel spin and real get-away from the two sharp bends. Also peak revs. (3,600) in third were just right for the straights and my time of 51 secs. was only reduced to 48 secs. by the fastest in the racing class (I consider the course too rough for my ” Bugs.”). As the best time by trade entries of stock American cars such as Hudson,

Packard, Buick, Pord, etc., was 61 sees., it shows up the old 30;198 pretty well.

The announcer on the loud speaker gave an interesting commentary on the car’s age, history and mileage during my ascent.

The trip up from Capetown was practically 1,000 miles of a muddy trials course—took three days to get the car decent again.

(Signed) G. HINDLE.