THE Ford Enthusiasts’ Club held a. novel trial on W.D. land at Camberley, on December 27th to wind up a Christmas of distinctly trials conditions. Snow and mud abounded. The ten hills were divided into sections, the entry was divided into different classes, the capacity classes were handicapped into standard and competition tyre divisions (some who could have run with standard tyres elected to use up their romps. and rim in the more sternly contested division) and competitors timed themselves in the special test used merely to decide ties. Thirty-five entries came III, or two less than in 1937. The saloon class attracted throe V8 Fords, and two Ford Tens, on normal boots, The classes for 8 h.p., 10 h.p. and V8 Fords were combined, ard contested amongst the same five Fords. The capacity classes for cars using standard tyres were all combined and brought together Harman’s 750 c.c. M.G., Pearson’s ‘H .S.P. Morris Special, Clarke’s Riley, Needle’s 12/50 Alvis, Mason’s Ford Ten, Mrs. Allard’s Ford saloon, Hutchison ‘S new Ford Prefect saloon, Tett’s Ford V8 and Alan May’s Ford V8. The class for super sports-cars up to 1,100 c.c. was composed of Hadley’s” Grasshopper” Austin Seven, Dyer’s Riley Special and Dewey’s Riley Special. The super sports-cars up to 1 i-litres lumped together Jones (Singer), Denver (Lea-Frands), Gordon (M.G.), Landet (Wolseley-Hornet-Special), Adams (M.G.), Richards (Royer), Henning (blown L.M.B. Ford Ten) and Lawson’s H.R.G. The unlimited Super sports-cars were Dargue, Johnson and Biggs with B.M.W.s., Price’s Ford V8 coup& Sumner’s special ex-Rose Ford V8, Ripley’s Ripford-Special Ford V8, Loader and Walter Norton with the ” Jabberwock ” Fords, Peter Clark’s 3-litre Bentley, sporting yet another cwt. of lead ballast in its boot, Burroughs’s special Ford V8, now with shortened chassis, and minus the Bugatti tail, Canham with the V12 .Allard-Special, Martin Soames with Sydney Allard’s new V8 Allard-Special, and Ken Hutchison with his new Allard-Special, now with Lincoln ‘V12 motor installed. Instead of premier and class awards, each class was judged on placings, speed trial fashion, and, in addition, eleven competitors had paid the extra fee of 5/to compete for special awards, irrespective of category, also judged on a place basis. Then there were the teams—two Club teams, the ” Wobbleyous ” B.M.W.s, and the ” Tail wagger ” Allards. Not unnaturally’,

, in view of the weather, there were a number of non-starters. Mason’s Ford Ten had run a big-end and Bod.dy, who reported receiving telephone Calls all over Xmas as to Whether the event could. be run, arrived late at the start in the Ford Mrs. Allard hoped to drive, having been up all night in a snowdrift. Large numbers of spectators turned up, armed with maps thoughtfully provided by the club. In the special figure-eight test Denver and Richards recorded 25.4 secs. and Canhani 25.8 secs. Water Tower, the first gradient, was lenient with seventeen sports entries, but, of the saloons, Only Silcock’s Ford V8 got up. None of the saloons managed Kilimanjaro, but fifteen comp.-shod cars got up. At Kilimanjaro 11 Silcock Climbed three sections on standard tyres and sixteen others attained the fourth section. Hadley, Denyer and Dyer were very ‘formidable. The next two hills were voted impossible, but the sixth was easy. All those wearing comps. got up clean with the exception of Price’s Ford V8. Three more hills followed, the last the famous Red Roads. Hadley, Dyer and Adams almost got up, but only Denver, Lawson, Johnson, Loader, 13urroughs, Soames, Canham, and Hutchison (who had Warburton as ballast) got up dean, the Allards very fast indeed. Best performance of all was

‘made by Caailiam’s V12 non-competition Allard-Special two-seater and the runners-up, irrespective of class, were V. S. A. Biggs (blown B.M.W.), M. S. Soames (V8 Allard) and K. N. Hutchison (Allard). A Singer got bogged well and truly and Johnson’s B.M.W. was running with a broken engine bearer. Allard, Boddy and Ruiner had the provisional results out the same evening at the Sunningdale Hotel, where competitors were well provided for in a room reserved by the Club. It is possible that this system of dividing a trials entry into classes and of awarding place prizes in each category will be used in future F.E.C. events. It certainly seems desirable to giving first and second-class awards on a basis whereby drivers compete against the club, or partially amongst themselves and partially against the club, and where all sizes and types of cars rim together. Several new members were elected as a result Of this interesting trial.


Saloon Class: 1st, D. G. Silcock (Ford V8). Ford Class: 1st, 1).. G. Sileock (Ford V8), Touring and Sports Class: 1st, S. G. E. Tett (Ford V8). 2nd, H. S. Pearson, (MS.?. Special). Super Sports Cars up to 1.100 e.e.: 1st, H. L. Hadley

(Augtin 7). Super Sports Cars 1.101-1,509 o.e.: 1st, M. H. Lawson

(Meadows If .R.G.). 2nd, R. M. Henning (s/e. L.M.B. Ford Ten). Super Sports Cars over 1,500 ex,: 1st, V. S. A. Biggs (Frazer-Nash RAM.): 2nd, M. S. Sonnies 078 Allard Special). 3rd, K. Hutchison (V8 Allard

Special). BesstpePciw). eriOrmanee Category: 1st, V. S. A. Biggs B.M.W.) 2nd, M. S. Sonmes (V8 Allard Team Prize: ” Tailwaggers Team,” Canbam, &Ames and Hutchison (Allards),


Well known cars are looking for new owners. The J abberwock Fords are up for sale, likewise Macdermid’s model-T blown ” Musketeer ” M.G. Midget. I. H. Nichols is disposing of his 750 c.c. singleseater M.G., the price being 925, Madure has bought Mrs. Petre’s Riley Six and Tongue’s E.R.A. engine, while Beadle’s 2-litre Alta is to have a new tubular

frame. Connell may sell his E.R.A. Lady Mary Grosvenor is to race an Alta this year.


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