Reports of Recent Events

Sheffield And Hallamshire M.C. Christmas Car Trial

A unique feature of the above held recently, was the entry of a Grand Prix team, i.e., Reg. Parnell (Butler Special), F. R. Gerard (Riley) and T. C. Harrison (Hariford).

About an hour after the start from Monsal Head Hotel, a steady downpour set in and in the first special-test it became impossible to reach line "A" let alone start from it, so the test was abandoned. Gerard completed the course and Reg. Parnell did well to gain a Second Class Award in his first event of this kind. Out of 37 entries only 2 retired, A. M. R Mallock and H. Pritchard. Worthy of mention is R. H. Hunt (G.N. Special), who turned upside down in a section, broke his steering wheel and finished the trial with one small piece of spoke to steer by. T. C. Wise (C.W.8) and M. Wilde (Ford Special) were the only drivers to retain clean sheets.

The Trial was followed by a Christmas Dinner and film show of this year's racing with commentaries by Harrison, Gerard and Parnell. A very excellent evening which lasted almost until next day.

Best Performance of the day: T. C. Wise (C.W.8).
1st Class Awards: M. Wilde (Ford-Special), A. R. Priestley (Harley-Special), T. C. Harrison (Hariford), A. M. Beardshaw (A. M. B. Fairley).
2nd Class Awards: J. Clegg (Ford-Special), K. Bancroft (Bancroft-Special), R. Parnell (Butler Special), G. R. Booth (Lea-Francis).
Team Award: Messrs. Wise. Mosby and Wilde.

Coupe du Salon

The Coupe du Salon was contested over 48 laps at Montlhery's 3.9-mile road circuit. It was a 187-mile free-for-all event, with 14 runners. Chiron's 4½-litre Talbot led at first, until the transmission packed up, when Yves Giraud-Cabantous, in Lord Selsden's 4½-litre Talbot, took the lead. Sommer really began to motor Ruggieri's two-stage-supercharged, 16-valve Maserati, after blowing-up his car in practice. He broke the lap record on three occasions, leaving it at 93.86 m.p.h. Alas, this Maserati then succumbed also. Louveau's Maserati retired as well, leaving Chaboud 1947 Champion of France, although on this occasion his 4½-litre Talbot could not catch Cabantous' car, which won at 88.75 m.p.h. (2 hr. 6 min. 28.2 sec.). Pozzi's 3.6-litre Delahaye was 3rd, Constantin's Delage 4th, Louveau's Maserati 5th, Rosier's Talbot 6th, Robert's Cisitalia 7th, Bonnet's D.B. 8th, and Meyrat's Delahaye 9th. 4.7 sec. separated the two Talbots.

Cheltenham M.C. Closed Invitation Trial

The Cheltenham M.C. obtained 64 starters for its trial on November 22nd last, and presented them with ten hills and two special tests in a route of 30 miles. Fourteen cars failed on Brotheridge's two sections, of which nine came to rest on the second section. In the first special test Delingpole's H.R.G. and Gilson's Allard tied for best performance, both clocking 9.2 sec. In the second special test Tyrer's B.M.W. was the most outstanding, in 19.8 sec., next fastest being Wick's 4-seater Allard, in 21.2 sec. The only cars which got right up Juniper clean were Best's "TB" M.G., Burgess' Allard and Butler's Special. Dr. Saxton's M.G. and Spollon's Rover failed on Stancombe, and Delingpole's H.R.G. blotted its copybook at Park watersplash. Syde was so bad it had to be washed out, although Wharton's remarkable Wharton Special, Morrish's blown M.G. and Burgess' Allard got through before the officials reached this decision. Appleton and Parker, however, could not get their Allards more than half-way. Although Burgess made best performance of the day, the smaller cars had a very good outing on this occasion.

The Player Bowl (for best performance): K. E. O. Burgess (3,917c.c. Allard), no marks lost.
C.M.C. Challenge Cup (best performance in Class "A," up to 1,100 c.c.): J. V. Vincent (847-c.c. M.G.), 10 marks lost.
C.M.C. Challenge Cup (best performance in Class "B," 1,100 c.c. to 2,000 c.c.): T. C. G. Butler (1,991-c.c. "Daisy"), no marks lost.
The Horace Poulton Cup (best performance by C.M.C. member): J. Readings (2,570-c.c. Lancia Special), 15 marks lost.
The Ronald Stagg Cup (best performance by a closed car): G. Warburton (3,622-c.c. Ford), 25 marks lost.
1st Class Awards: E. J. Newton (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), A. W. Morrish (937-c.c. M.G.), C. A. N. May (3,622-c.c. Ford Special), K. Wharton (1,172-c.c. Wharton), H. B. Woodall (1,172-c.c. Wolseley-Ford), L. Parker (3,917-c.c. Allard), J. Grout (1,172-c.c. Austin-Ford), L. Potter (3,960-c.c. Allard), H. Birkett (747-c.c. Austin), G. N. Mansell (3,917-c.c. Allard), K. J. Murton (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), G. Tyrer (1,911-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), J. Buncombe (1,292-c.c. M.G.), L. Onslow-Bartlett (3,917-c.c. Mercury Special), M. Wick (3,917-c.c. Allard).

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. Bossom Trophy Trial

The Annual Bossom Trophy Trial was held in the area of Chilham in Kent. Having regard to the diminishing "basic" a very good entry made its appearance. The first hill, Warren Farm, produced only one failure. The second hill, Paddock Farm, failed the entire entry, including its recent conquerors Messrs. J. R. Kempe-Roberts and A. Jarvis. The rain in the early part of the week rendered this hill extremely difficult, but a very fine effort was that of Major Palmer in his P.S. Special who forced his light Austin-engined Special almost to the top by sheer will-power. The third hill, Lime Kiln, which recently failed almost the entire entry in a motorcycle trial, proved amazingly innocuous and the entire entry succeeded, some at high speed with wheels spinning and flinging mud, and some with great restraint, but in equally effective manner. An unusual timed test took place in the woods adjacent to Lime Kiln, which involved a stop and restart on a leafy bank up the side of a rutted track, followed by gyrations in and out of trees, all on a gradient of one in three. The final hill leading off from the main Charing to Canterbury hill was recently climbed by the entire entry in the Maidstone and Mid-Kent event in October. This time it proved a very different proposition. Wet leaves and a muddy surface made the climb very difficult for late comers and failures included some of the Club's most experienced entries, including Messrs. J. R. Kempe-Roberts, G. Wicken, L. Maynard, F. Playford and R. W. Draycon. A special tribute must be paid to Mrs. G. Wicken who succeeded where others had failed in climbing with her Sunbeam-Talbot Saloon. From thereon entrants proceeded to the "Lantern" at Charing where an enjoyable tea was had by all. Here the organisers and marshals worked overtime and had provisional results ready soon after tea.

Best Performance of the Day (Bossom Trophy): A. E. A. Day (1½-litre H.R.G.).
Best Performance Open Cars: A. Jarvis (TA M.G.).
Best Performance For Saloon Entry: Mrs. G. Wicken (Sunbeam-Talbot).

The Carbon Cup

On November 30th Temple Press, Ltd., held their annual Carbon Cup Trial in the Sevenoaks area, in which some of the regular motor-cycling trials competitors ran a trial for the journalists who spend the whole season writing about "how it should be done."

As journalists are noted for their abilities at borrowing road test machines, borrowed trials motor-cycles were the order of the day and D. S. Jenkinson, deputising for MOTOR SPORT, as we can't keep the things upright, very appropriately borrowed a 1925 vintage Big Port A.J.S., the property of C. E. Allen, of the V.M.C.C, who was also competing. J. Lowry, of the Motor, borrowed a 125-c.c. Royal-Enfield, his own having deflated its rear tyre at zero hour, and members of the Commercial Motor staff also competed. Motor Cycling were well represented, from the Editor, Graham Walker, down to the office boy, and among those who took the matter in deadly earnest were Rob Davis and Charles Markham, on borrowed "works" James and Ariel, respectively. Other journals represented were Leicester Evening Mail, Light Car, Reynold News and many free-lance men.

The whole event was notable for a friendly free-for-all atmosphere, and after everyone had attempted the eight observed sections with varying degrees of success or failure, depending on how one looked at it, the party returned to the "Rose and Crown" at Stone Street, near Sevenoaks, where a magnificent luncheon was served and the results were worked out. As the original Carbon Cup had been mislaid during the war, "Uncle" Tom Rowe, of T.P.'s photographic section, had very kindly presented a new trophy, still to be known as the "Carbon Cup." The winner was Charles Markham, followed by Rob Davis and C. E. Allen, and the best sidecar effort went to R. R. Holliday, of Motor Cycling.

Lancia MC

Final placings in the driving tests at Overstone were as follows:-
1st: D. Raffles in a modified ultra-short "Lambda."
2nd: J. Stone (same car as above).
3rd: W. A. Richardson, in a 7th Series "Lambda" tourer; P. Wright, in a 7th series "Lambda" tourer.
4th: Lt. Allison, R.N., in a "Dilambda" short saloon ; Johnson, in a 7th series "Lambda" tourer.

The weather was perfect, and all the 17 cars entered put up first-class performances.