For all sports spares, materials and equipment

TUBULAR LUGGAGE GRIDS, chromium-plated, for M.G., Singer. 5.5. 100, Allard, Standard Eight, Austin Eight, FIAT. 500, from 14 Ss. •’ Deep Note ” exhaust systems, from £3. ” Brocklands ” steering wheels E4 Ss. ” Brooklands ” Aero screens, universal fittings. 48s. each. Fold-flat sports screens 39 in, wide, chromium-plated, fitted safety glass. £10 105. Cycle-type wings, domed, central rib, 6 in., 165., 7 in. I7s. 6d., 8 in. 19s., light alloy, ditto, 215.. 22s. 6d.. 25s. ; 6 in. plain M., front and rear. New hub nuts, 42 ram., 8 T.P.I., 21s. each, R.H. and L.H.

BODY BUILDING. Bucket seats. pressed steel frames. 22s. 6d., hinge back 25s., ditto trimmed black or brown rexine 65s.. hinge back 70s. Light alloy seats (2i lbs.) 47s. 6d., trimmed rexine. Dunlopillo cushions E5 7s. 6d. Dunlopillo cushions. 21s. front, 22s. 6d. rear. Aluminium angles and mouldings stocked. Duralumin, 6 ft. by 3 ft. by 20g. only, 35s. Best quality black or brown duck or hooding 54 in. 25s., 72 in. 28s. Lighter quality 17s. 6d. Roxine. all colours, 125. 6d. to 20s. 6d. per yard.

SUPERCHARGERS. Large stock, all makes,. Largest Zoller. new, for E.R.A. or Magnette, 460 ; 2) in. bore S.U. for same £15. Arnott, with long drive shaft, fittings for Coventry Climax engine £35. Marshall set, complete, for “TA ” M.G. £42 10s. Arnott sec for 2-litre Sunbeam-Talbot. f65; for Riley Nine, E40. Large stock Martha!, Grebel, P.100, Lucas, Notek, head and spot lamps, speedometers. Wind-tone horns. Radiator thermometers, 27s. 6d, SC4NTILLA VERTEX NV 4, I0s., rebuilt and set by makers. £12 10s. Iscf. New Vertex for Ford V8 with brackets and adaptor £20. New 8TH.. similar, 416, suitable Allard. new B.T.H. vertical. four.

cylinder, £6. Riley Nine rebuilt Lucas, 47 10s.

ALUMINIUM CYLINDER HEADS give greatly increased power and performance, together with better economy. ” ALTA ” for AUSTIN SEVEN. £5 10s. ” SILVERTOP ” for Ford Eight and Ten (prewar), £6 101., post-war. 47: Morris Eight, Set. I & 11, £6 10s.: Ser. E. El; Morris Minor. E7 Ss.: Minx and Talbot Ten, £7 Ss. Available from stock.

F.I.A.T. SPARES. Largest stockist of SOO, 1.100, 1,500 spares, new and reconditioned. Exchange reconditioned starters, dynamos, engines. gearboxes, radiators, engines. Complete servicing, reconditioning, coachbuilding and cellulosing. M.G. SPARES. Vertical drive roller races 8s. 6d. pair. sleeves 21s. 6d., flexible couplings 9s. 6d.. drive fork s 17s. 6d., own drive pinions, rebuilt 405., ditto rockers 75. 6d. Rocker shafts from 10s. 6d., bushes 7s. 6d., valves Ss. 6d.. guides Ss., phosphor-bronze 7s. 6d., gaskets, ball-races, half-shafts, road springs from 32s. 6d. New road wheels, 16 in. a 5s.; 19 in., 19 in. rims £6. New fold-flat windscreens for “12 ” and ” P ” models, toughened safety, £10 10s., lami nated safety, £11 10s. ” Deep Note ” exhaust systems, ” 12 ” 65s. ” P “

” N ” and ” ”85s. Brook(ands steering wheels 85s., adjustable boss TC 955. Door grilles, chrome, 10s. 6d., wing grilles ’12 ” 30s. pair. New hub nuts, embossed ” M.G..” 25s. each.

LAWRENCE Lightweight 500-c.c., flattwin engine, brand new. 10 b.h.p. at 3.000 r.p.m.; capable further development. Fitted twin Scintilla magnetos, carburetter. manifolds. Perfect for a lightweight “special,” £25. FEATHERWEIGHT STEERING WHEELS. Own patent and make, weight 26 oss., Sorbo grip rim, covered pigskin, less boss, £4 Ss., With boss ES Ss. ; IS{ in., 16( in. and I75 in. diameter.

BROOKLANDS FISHTAILS. Cast aluminium. polished, 7 in., 1 in. to 2 in. fitting 215. Exhaust pipe deflectors 125 6d., dummy knock-off hub caps, polished aluminium, set of 5, 355.


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