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No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st of month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors. FOR SALE TYRE, Firestone headed l5 h)i105, nituktd. Offers to Curtis, isfarine Drive, Wast• Wittering, near C hiehester. 12858 MERCEDES-BENZ razor-edged saloon, sunshine roof, Frcesdone & Webb lxidy ; 33.441.p., supercharger and overdrive. First registered 1939. Mileage 22,270. Six new tyres. Rxeeptioual car, in ShowrOom condition. (.2,000. Box No. 004, Moron Seolir. 15. City Road, [2640 SPECIAL -COMPONENTS, including Lis:Silver Eagle and ” 121711″ spares for sale, Going abroad. 20 Kendrick Road, Mouth. Tel. : Slough

23146. 12.501 HUMBER “16/50,” 1929, TOURER. Excellent -condition throughout. Humber works overhaul 5,001) miles ago. Ideal for trailer or caravan. 1,150. Stokes, 39, Brownlow Road, -Ellesinere, Salop. !25412 1928 FIAT 8-h.p. TOURER. Original throughout. liood and screens sound. LOS. Michael Macey, randert, Sutton Valence, Kent. STUART WILTON Riley 9-h.p. Kestrel saloon, 1934 £195 Riley 9-h.p. Monaco saloon, 1932 £120 Singer 10-h.p. saloon, 1948 … £650 Invicta 12-h.p., 13-litre saloon, 1932 £120 Austin 7-h.p. saloon. 1928, with 1936 engine £55

And many others by the time you read this advertisement. Free third party insurance for 12 months (with a tariff company) with all cars before 1937 HIRE PURCHASE ON ANY CAR

I give a written three months’ guarantee with every car that I sell, which ensures that they hove been carefully checked and all repairs carried out before being offered for sale. 353 FINCHLEY ROAD JLONDON N.W.3 Tel.: HAMpstead 5712 and 8532

MEADOWS SPARES. Cylinder heads, one deflector, one he. polished Meadows, one special Godfrey designed cross-dow head cfw water pump, one Bosch magneto, valves, valve springs, rockers, tinning gears. onsh.rods, S.C. gaskets, full-flow oil filter, from type 259 Annals cinv -manifolds for dolector head, one FT 07 passlight_cjw stoneguard. R11.1,10,1.7., 4, St. Johns Road. 1(0,,,• l2566

1928 FIAT 8-h.p. COUPE. Excellent running order. Fast and economical. Nearest f.,75. T. Ford, Crown Wheel awl [unit ‘nNumerous Morris 11.9.11.p. spires. poet macey, Vaunt:Ike, Sutton Valence, Neat. j2564 ALVIS, 1928. BIG-PORT ” 12/50 ” BEETLEBACK. Two owners sinee new. Whole car faultless throughout. L200. floldaway. lientbridge Airport, I.O.W. f2SUs

FINE CLOSE COUPLED 4-SEATER “SPEED SIX” BENTLEY. New wings, prolc,i.ion.illy coach painted black. All chrome as new. Excellent interior in red, carpets, etc., full wenther equipment as new. Shortened chitssiS 1929, tact etikine, gearbox, etc.. all late 1930. Four tyres as new, two good spares. Maintained by an enthusiast. Excellent mechanically. Mareehal lamps,two sports, One Swivel signpost lamp. ‘twin CA .V, wipers, well laid-out dash. f.895. or nearest offer. Apply 141f. London Read, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Tel,. Alderley Edge 2177. 250 RILEY GAMECOCK. Well manumitted 19:12 car in

good condition. Inspect ion iveleOmed. Ashmore, 13, Wake Green Road, Birmingham. 13. ‘2.`371 CITROEN, 1939, :LIGHT 18. Overhaul of engine, Steering and transmission just connileted. Cost over 090. Resprayed, but coachwork nut perfect. Seen Preston or Chester. Offers round C300. Accept cash and good Ford saloon. Box No. 740, Merton SPOKT, 15, City Road. 1.•;.C.1. .2572 AUSTIN I in. Crank tout Sods, 0. Isioek pistons 42 10s. Nippy C. case, 43. Ealf-gallon :Mum D. Four-speed Synth.) box, f,5. Centric blower, drive, Mc., no cash., th. Coventre Clintak

2ditre elikine ete., 45. Iblyer Collects. 229, Loddon Bridge Roffid, Womlley, Berks. [25711

3.2 ENGINE. Complete curbs, dynainti starter. Tex:alma filter, polished head, lightened flywheel new Mirk bearings, rocker bushes spindles, another J.2 minus head ilvwlitx4, various spares. Offers.

J. Alexander, ‘Northways, Bell Bar, Ilattield, t s. 7X77

M.G., 1934, PA MIDGET 4-seater. Recent extensive body repairs. Good hood, sidescreens, teinneati. Re-sleeved and crankshaft reground by Burtonwood. New pistons 1949. Four new tyres. Offers. Edwards, ‘Ammon Arias, Langport, Somerset.

12574 .ATALANTA 2-litre. Coral Oats, independent lour. %Ovid suspension, 2-seater spoils, British racing green 111.000 toilet, Since cOmpletc rebuild. L475. Miles, Stanton flutist!, St. Mark’s; Dill. Surbiton. To.

iiimhtiage 13.11. 257.

. . ALFA-RUSSO. 1.5110 c.c. 1929 sing1J-e,? coupe. 1,000 miles since(7:impiety engine overhaul. New battery and hood, wings repaired find re. cellulOsed. good tyres all round. f,200 Or near offer. ‘lox No. 742, mows Slipx.r. 1/.., City Vaxid, 12579 VAUXHALL “30,88 ” open 4-seater. Recenti overhauled, good tyres, iiew hood and tontletin cover New battery, modified brakes and .1:10 tax. if,195:)..) Box No. 743, 5.10rols SPORT’, 17, City uo.(I, 2,3 1938 2i-LITRE JAGUAR, 100 *2F.eattt. ‘fotal mileage 40.000. Very tine coodition. No reasonable 4 r ref tistxl. 5.1cGliiS1iart, 52, For Irons -Street, Gl.eutow, W.I. :2f-f52_ _ BENTLEY 41, 1929 team Car. Recently overhauled and now in excellent mechanical and external condition. 000.. Further details on request. Yew, 12, Swindon Street, Ilighworth, Wilts. [2883 SPRITE-KESTREL 1.1-LITRE RILEY NM New bearings, etc., September, 1950, 55,000 miles approximately. Good -rclial;le motor. Seen London weekdays, SussexillantsiSurrey weekends, elsewhere I, y arrangement. £525. Dumber Super Snipe saloon, ex-WD., 610 tax. Good condition, body rough. Ideal towing trailers, caravans, etc. Seen Cut-Mill Garage, Portsmouth,. Main Rc>ad, Bosham, Sussex (between Chichester and EntsWorth). 070. Owner getting new car. Unique 2() ft. by lift, betinn centreboard sailing boat, designed and built by Ella Fox. Unsinkable, self-draining. Very last Cant* type for four/five persons. I,ying Blanes yard, Bosharn, as above. 000. Owner wishes to race Swordfish dinghy. JOIlii K. Maw, Aldersgate I tcctise, New Barnet, Herts. Tel.; Banwt 5555 Monday-Friday

a.m.,–5 p.m.

ENGINE, gearbox and other spares for 1822 Swift 12-11.11. Coppiee,’Sunnydale, FanthOro’ Park, Kent. (2890 1937 SINGER NINE coupe. Perfect, 3.000 miles sirMe complete overhaul, f.210. 1934 Anst in ” London taxi. Perfect running order. Engine, lights, upholstery, tyres excellent. Drive ifway, 1,50 Or near offer. Ilarvey, rittizey ithipital, 1,OndOln, S.W.15. 1239 AUSTIN SEVEN sports, Works-built body (midget style). Engine body, weather equipment, tyres very good, new elecirics, ” Nippy,” performance, Nearest 030. Write Evans, Dorset Farm Institute, Dorchester. 12890 Si-LITRE LAGONDA fOur-flOor saloon. One owner, 40,000 mites only, superbly maintained regardless of cost, whole car in original magnificent condition. Dual colour grey with red hnle upholstery. A car I,,a connoisseur. Swamnore Garage, 1170, Christ ch arell Road, IloScOmlfe. SOuthbounw 1022. (2595 WILLIAMS MOTORS Specialists in vintage Overhauls and rebuilds. We offer this manth (subject to being unsold) 1930 A.C. 2-seater in very good con dition L95 1935 A.C. drophead 4-seater, three. carburettor car now in coachbuilders, colour to purchaser’s requirements. Wireless, car as new £295 We are in the course of rebuilding the following cars and shall be pleased to hear Front prospective customers. 1936 A.G. 4-seater drophead, being completely rebuilt and will be 410 tax. Resprayed to customer’s re quirements … L450 Racing chassis Amilcar, fitted with Meadows engine. Body to purchaser’s requirements. Chassis fit to drive E125 We are enthusiastic buyers of any A.C. ears. Urgently required, any 2-litre A.C. spares, good prices paid. Most spares old-time Bentleys M stock Five Bentley wheels, 7.00 by 18. complete with tyres and tubes. Bentley hub caps, Its, each WILLIAMS MOTORS 21 Coleherne Mews (Old Brompton Rd ) S.W. 10 Id : Fremantle 4427 HERSTON MOTORS We take this opportunity of wishing all readers of MOTOR SPORT a very happy and prosperous New Year, and have pleasure in offering : 1930 Bentley Speed Six open 4-seater, in very good order throughout, very smart and fast, good tyres, etc. £375 1929 Bentley Speed Six, short-chassis, open 4-seater, good hood and screens. mechanically perfect,all good tyros; a real pippin … L450 1930 Bentley 48-litre Blower, fixedhead coupe, mechanically 100 per cent.; very smart body, finished in black and red … … L450 1934 Aston-Martin 1 -sports 4-door saloon, complete overhaul and engine rebuild, including reground crank, rebore, etc.; all new tyres and in really nice order … £385 1930 Vauxhall Hurlingham sports 2/3-seater, on good order; all good tyres and battery; very imposing 1924 Vauxhall ” 14/40 ” Melton 2seater and dickey, in original condition; finished in the maker’s famous original primrose and black, unmarked; pale grey real leather upholstery. also unmarked; original registration book showing one owner from new. This car has covered a total of 16,000 miles in its whole life and can only be described as definitely as new, with all new tyres and a spare set. Undoubtedly the only car of its type and condition in existence. A collector’s piece and a bargain at … 6250 1925 Sunbeam ” 14/40″ tourer, in original condition; needs new timing chain, otherwise excellent runner; cheap E55

We also have a fair stock of spares for Bentley 3 and 4.i litres. L.t us know your requirements, quotations by return. We are always at the service of the genuine Vintogent, we never close. Part exchange welcomed. Hire Purchase and Insurance on the spot. Write. Tel. : SWANAGE 2730. for Personal attention, or call : 439/411, HIGH STREET, SWA NAGE, DORSET

Our excellent pub vent door con supply : A Noggin of good Ale, a Meal or a Bed if necessary. We are pleased to see you at any time.

81, V12 PACKARD ENGINE unit complete With dual carburetters., dual coils, starter, dynamo. truinifoldS, aluminium heads. Suitable supercharging and 400 1,11,p. al 3.500. Would make recordbreaking special. Will lit must 41-litre chassis. Still fitted and can be tested in car. Would partetchange car with eadi adjustment. Seen Oxted, Surrey. Box .No. 749, Anon SPORT, 15, City Road.

2897 1927 FIE. SIX 2lit re ,ports tourer, l,i,io I conilan throughout. Exchange sports saloon, or sell. 4130. 37, Anne Street, High& Broughton, Salford, 5. .12A9S

RILEY NINE saloon, 1920. Sound mechanically. fabrie bode, exceptional, 4,67 10s. Austin saloon, 1920 dater engine), good all round, 07 10s.

:I led rad ion books Tall irn, joked I , •Standard, AnnmrOng, etc, 60, thigh Street, Prattlers End. Tel. I lowarrl 23211. 12599. ALVIS TWELVE twat. 2-seater, Sf1.11 in. etwelbase, originally ldown hat now with single SoleX„ engine completely oyerlmuled, bored and shalt ground_ transmission and chassiS very nood, I avIv tel scult with new framing nod fillIlltillill111 pawls, rear tank, .1..yele wings, new hood and tonneau cheer, three sew tyres, good battery, II -in. lamps (re-silvered reflectors), Coniplete range of instrumeMS ; ii verY -scaind specimen, 085. Manley 04 litre pun Speed Six), very ordinary-looking saloon body, thiar.stoor, six-light, but in extremely good condition : really first-class throughout ; gi.0.1 tyres, good -battery, excellently equipped, sit-es 75-50 m.p.h. and 14-15 m.p.g. on single Smith carburetter ; lin Outstanding bargain at 4;140 (the rebuilt and re radiator alone isworth 6510. Lancia Dilambila 32-11T., 1930-1, very comfortable tutil good looking Mullin& four-light fabric saloon body hi extreinely good condition, with beautiful hide upholstery. ; very good chassis indeed, all minor defeeta such as Woru distributor and split exhaust pipe.; rectified ; new tyres :old batteries ; sixth fastest time in claSs of 27 at V.S.C.C. fluky Rally, £170. I si victa 44ditre saloon, 11131 ; in running order, fairly good mechanically but very rough body, nevertheless repairable, S0. Singer 1923 15-h.p., its •cylinder :ill weather tourer with windaits windows, mechanically sound, good tyres, body structurally sound and good leather, 1.32 10s. to clear. Trojan, 1920, with 1925 vtiginc, -s

Pair Bentley headlamps, 4,6 11$. ; Marechals, chromed. 4,11. Numerous 11.1i, tyres’, set of six as new 19. in. 1016-Royce wheels or Ghost or Phantom ; Various i?celylvih: :sad electric vintage lamps, etc. C. J. Itendall, 25, Orchard Road, SteVenage, Dods. Tel. : Stevenage 500 (day). Machin I WS (evening). 12000 ALVIS SPECIAL COMPONENTS, inchuling Us

Silver Eagle alli! 12150,” for side. going abroad. 20, Kendrick Road, Slough. Tel. : Slough 23140. 2S61 RED LABEL BENTLEY. Ist,ogistvrcd 11133,1) /t. 94 in. chassis, 3.53 B.A., ” A ” box, crank reground, new bearings, valves, guides, Springs, rings, pin joint. rewired, four new 21 by 5.25 tyres, two spare wheels, V V. body. Requires attention, mill :MOMS,

dinicultics require sale. On. Hughes, 41, Sidney Rind, Rugby. [2903 LESLIE KNIGHT

LTD. Specialise in SPORTS CAR INSURANCES and can arrange HIRE PURCHASE FACILITIES –— BENTLEY OWNERS Write for details of insurance at same races as “Bentley Scheme” but with extra benefits 45 GREEN LANES, N.13 BO Wes Park BOWes Park 5074 6914 P-TYPE 2-seater. Mad: with grtsm aphotstery, new instruments, new I, overhauled, I’ll ” body lilted, t225 or nearest offer. Seen weekends. tkincroit,.34, Avalon Road, Ealing. Middlesex. 12904 LARGE SHORROCK SUPERCHARGER. Model S142, not ?.id rim-in, suitable 14 or .2.1itre, with pulleys and sal hulk. 450. Kay, 65, Castle Street, lat ton. 12905 839 VINTAGE (1928) AUSTIN ” 12/4 ” tourer. New

I. good runner, appearance good. Barnes. 360, Li:le/nun Avellip:, Streatham. 129011 0)-LITRE BENTLEY 2/3-seater, 1030, -1/M4:: Back ” sports. Twin S.I.i..s. Perfect condition througlamt. Original inst maim, manna I. New bomb tonneau and sides. Shaw, Manor !louse, Manor Korid, Oldham.. 12907 BENTLEY “D” BOX. perfect. Can be demon ‘totted its car. Firm offers 10 1111X No-, 750, Moron

Si,otri-. IS, City )29o8 “12’50 ” ALVLS. 1927 “1-C. 2-seAter, with small ‘pc” 1.0N. lowly. willS11,1,1. 4100 air pear ‘,MT, 1,:livrenson SliA9:N. To. ; 2111115

1st ISTLEY 44-LITRE cltoplwail creme in black tuid Cream, wills engine recently frilly overhauled. ‘Moil W. 0, started in 1925 has been continua,’ regardless of eXpetise by fastlilimisrlithiuisl8St ii paper incorporating every iit.ssible later modification. The result l’s,, fitilitlyS I-N.111111e of line vintage chatiWter, and reaSonably economical at .20 m.p.g. Now to lie sacrificed for the best idler over tritiO. Any truth or demonstratiOn. Carr Bros., high Street, l’urley, Surrey. Tel, : ‘Uplands 4511,22. Open weekends, 12912 ARTS A LANCIA ENGINE and gearbox. New cranksa t and beatings, all elcetrie Itcssch equipment. Complete unit, very light mid eonipact. Wonderful opportunity for a fast special. The Old Orrin:try, Great Evemien. Cambs. [2910 AUTOMO LIMITED SPORTS

E205 M.G. Magna. I (-litre, 4-seater, recellulosed in two shades green. new hood, very sound car. E290 M.G. ” PA ” 2-seater, very fast and economical, excellent condition

throughout, a very exceptional car. SALOONS

£235 FIAT 500 fixed head coupe. 1937, grey/ maroon, first-class order throughout, 50 m.p.g.. needs no superlatives.

£285 Morris Eight, late 1938, two.door, sun roof, engine not yet run in, Just recellulosed, all bright parts rechromed.

C385 Austin 12-h.p. 1938 Ascot de Luxe, four-door saloon, recellulosed, all chromed, tyres as new, chassis and engine 100 per cent., new car condition, needs to be seen.

4390 Morris Twelve, late 1939, engine completely reconditioned and lust refitted, interior and exterior body cannot be faulted, excellent tyres, sound chassis for many trouble-free miles of motoring. Sports car buyers : Exchanges : Hire purchase : Immediate insurance. We have always a good selection of sports cars and saloons in stock. All cars we offer for sale have passed through our engineering works and carry our usual guarantee. Chroming in first-class quality undertaken for all car parts, quick service at competitive


We are the best buyers of oil types or MG.. cars and other sports cars. 229, WEST END LANE

HAMPSTEAD, LONDON, N.W. Tel. : Hampstead 3430. FOR SALE—continued AUSTIN SEVENS. Largest stock new and used spares in the North. lasts free. Austin Seven Sertiees, Kirkby Wiske, Thirsk, V2911 FRAZER-NASEE-B.M.W. drophend coupe, which Is comfortable and weatherproof. RecellulOSM pOlychromatic and titted wills new maroon hood in MP crushable fibre, on it Model 40 chassis. Completely rebuilt and Sixtdally modified in 1947. This car eitu show Its heels to most. Its performance will satisfy the enthuxiast. its ,ind Comfort will gratify his wife. .075. Carr Bros., Iligh Street, Purley, Surrey. Tel. : Uplands 4811/2/3. Open weekend.s. (2013

RICHARDSAND BROWN ,’?1 Brontlev offer: Bentley 41-litre 213-seater sports, first-dims condition, new tyres, 18-in. wheels. 3.3 .axle, alloy body British racing green and chrome, £395. Thin is only one of the really good Sports ears that we have in stock. Drop in a line or telephone, we are always pleased to give details of our stock; if you want a racing car we can often help. We have a good Stock of tyres at present, which include the following SiAlt : 4.50 by In, 4,70 by 17, 6310 by 16. 6.76 by 18. 5.50 by 17. 5-28 by IS, 0.(Ki by IS, 4.00 Ill, 4.50 by ; lIE., 760 by tlf), 765 by 105,520 by 120. You may try us with conlidenm for anything connected tsith sports, vintage or racing cars. We are taking particular Interest in 500..e.e. racing during the coining season and will offer every facility to interested peo.ons. Wishing our !messy clients It happy and suecessful NEW YEA-It. Richards and Brown, 2, Ringers Road, Bromley, Kent. Tel.: RavensliOurile 6479, [2914 DELAGE. tike;Vril block, MartIcts, reconditioned earn followers, new bearings throughout ; brakes relined, drum., skimmed and lined. Fourseater chise.eoupled coupe bode, Very fast motor. For sale due to one of Inv children being ‘blind through lwad operation and require more Suitable car. The Old Granary, Great Eversden, Combs: 2915

1930 DELAGE DS fixed-head eolt1). racing red and polychroneitie grey, hide trimmings. 1,.xeclient .condition throughput. 4,275. Made, 137a. Chesil Street, Winchester. Tel. : Windiest& 2707, (2917

MASERATI, 2,000-ca:. simerchargeil, ex,Whithey Str,sight. I Lehi Shelsley record and BroOklands ‘Mouritaitt CliatitpitMship. Quantity of siiiares, Including twin hill climb wheels. Das been in storage since 1935, Only used. at Brighton he’d year. 4,8)10 or near offer. Can be seen in 1..)7091:1. : Uxbridge 25111 or write Betdley. Flat 3, -2, The Broadway, Oxford Rosd, Denham, Bucks. (2919 1960 BRITISH RSIAULT, 760-c.c. Special model with red cattier tiptiotstery. An its-new example of this ionizing car ; till m.p.h., 55 m.p.g. Available in two Werk•t. /.7555. liox No. 751, Itfo r 11 limier, 15, CityLltoad, E.C.1 1292d

ALVIN SPARES, ” 12/50,” ” 16.9 ” and ” 19.8,” also f.w.d. Crested Eagle nuliator, L7 10s.. Engine complete, ruining, ..130. Speed Twenty engine complete., running, L35. F.W.D. radiator. sound, 0. ” 12)50 ” radiator, sound, lOs. Starter motor, L3 10s. ” 16.1)” valves; guides, Valles, gaskete in stock. Crested Eagle springs and gaskets. Tyres, unused retreads, 4.5(1 by 10, ; 4.50 tiy 17, 42 17s : 0.00 by 19, £5 res. ; 0.00 by 20, 45 7s. 60.; 6.25-1e le, 1,4 5s. WilvdS, 18, 19, 20, 21 in., 42 001 52 hub til*S ; 52 hub caps, 7s. plated sts. Oil. extra. Four -cylinder B.T.H. vertical rime. netOs, 43 It) krai:11, USIA. Cii ,rts, btoeks mid heads for pre ’35 Alvin. Rebuilt ” 11,9” tourer, Silver Eagic : 410 tax 4 full weather equipment, 3,180 or near offers. Complete ” 12/40 ” Leaf chassis with body ; all stripped pi icir AO rebuild, einne work carried out, owner lacks time, 400 the Ill. Riley Nine twin manifolde, :35s. each ; magneto, 42 10s. ” 12;0 ” 0111k, 3,2 R1s. ; rediator, E3 ; 10s. tad, ; rOdieN and Max, LI;tinlig cast’s, ; head, repaiialde, 41 ; brake drums till shore:, !us. ; axle ease .uul torque Ulla% 30s. Carriage extra except tyres. Itagshaw, The Green, Bath Street, Belgrave, Lciteeter. 12916 JOWETT, 1929, 7-11,P., 2 Seater With dickey. Good tyres, hood and Insly. Engine requires attention. NunterOtis spares. Taxed year end. 011ers.Tel : Valentine 91123, after (4 tt FREDDIE DIXON 1.100-e.c. racing ” Brooklin2r” Riley. Racine 1 51-io. diameter Munial counterMaimed crankshaft and P1.1104tO1 counectutWw1,, 17 to 1 high-compreasiou Benzole pistims. ie.:tendedperiod Inghaill racing camshafts, alternative two or four S.(i. carburetter nianitold assemblies, latter fitted with raceme Barren throttles. CrallkAlaft iLici rids reground and metalled and ledauced by Laystalls, new cylinder liners, genuine racing dwell centre plate and radlig Ilywlicel isSetitldly, dialtleter racing brake drums, nnetitied live, stud bide, to knock offs :mil complete set 01 alternate size road wheels. The complete chassis and engine Is el ripped and ran be inspectet I prior to ineng rebuilt by an experioned Brine:kinds racing Mechanicfor serious 1,100-c.c. racing in the coming season, or all row! equipment. It is available as an exceptional 1.100-e.e. sports oir with a maximuin of oyer 1(10 m.p.h. Price depenils entirely on what faem the car linally takes. C01111111,111iCatiOn6 to : Box No. 708, Moroi/ Sinner, 15, City Road. E.C.I. (2800 DELAGE D.8 Super Sports cient-cylintler,

Special Latiectield drophead body: One owner. Total mileage under 8.000. Body and chassis ill original beautiful condition. 18 tibp,g. ,Registered On 610 tax. Cash offers, or exehange. Box No, 709, 5fOrent Seorer, 15, CRY Road, 12807 AIMS SILVER EAGLE-” 10.95.” Deeember, 19:30. Black Wine saloon, red wire wheels, leather, *yen tyres, four nearly new. New radiator, clutch relined, towlgir. It’s sound, scud and built to keit. 4110, 268, Alibi., Road, liarlinv-in.Firrness. : 11arrow-indFurnes, 1859. DELLOW. late 11148 ex -Erie Penn car unbit2:stiti4. Twin S.D. carteirettets, S.C. ‘pump. Total weight. Ili cwt. Metallic blue, twin Michelin sparea. Fitult less condition throughout. New iallneather equip

meet including Fanta.,111C acceleration, 40 111•P•g• 025, offers. Partridge, 206, Penns Lane, Sutton Coldlichl, Birmingham. Tel. : Erdington 55:44. 0.H.C. MORRIS MINOR. Ko’cut mitilo.207:g9 new tyros, battery, 2-5e511er body’, transmission Overhankid, etc, 475. 04, Grange Road, Sutton, Surrey. Tel.: Vigilant 3403. 112817 TALBOT 08, 1935. Darnieq testy, accelerating clutch, host extras, lively Mb. TOW, Mewed: 1155. Wpodnekt, 23, Mmtwell Drive, Chitiwa,

wso-,:. BuCkhurst hill 5957. • i2521 SPEED 29 ALVIS, :sae or exchange, 1935 Vanden Plas saloon. Car resprayed, crankshaft reground September, excellent tyres. Sell 4300. no lower Offers, take smaller saloon. Aleis, Lou, aimilar quality car, age no objection it sound. Wilson, 11111 Place, Maidstone.. Tel.: .nlidstmtv 2606, 2822

B-TYPE E.R.A. 1,500.C.e. sant:re/largod siilgk’ac’;ttrt racing car. New engine, 120 nun. supercharger. gearbox overhauled by Makers. 4.5 to I 41,-.tytic rear axle, chassis mid axles thoroughly reismilitioned. New Girlie); S.A. Oa ready for next eeasein’s Formula I raeing. Ex:,•Seainan and Cot toil. 44100 .or near offer. Apply T. C. Ilarrieon, Ltd., 53•111. London Road, Sheffield. 12823 QUANTITY OF SPARES for disposal. Rudge wheels, 16 to 21 In. II 1110111, racist a, large, U, (MAIM 1.750-rielimor. 42 I Oe. Steering, 44. Single-cam

block. Talbot radiators, 0. Axleshafts, ill/fermata I. Rover Speed 14-11.p. spare’,. Ford 1041.p. reconditioned with starter, 450, etc. G. Jones. 47, Eilmonstimn, TralYPalulY• (2824 M.O. MAGNA, 12-Ibti. six7.:y1intler’. Bored. .020 in. I omplete with ilyuaino, starter; manifold, clutch; without carburetters. 3,10. .1. N. Staighi, Bank

Farm, Dumbleton, near Evesham, Worcs. [2828 ALLARD or Ford V,5 Inaly or any part thereof wanted urgently. Can ‘anyone pleaSe help. 04, Grange Road, Sutton, Surrey. Tct.5’ igilatii. 3403.. (2818

AUSTIN, 1934 16-11.p. saloon. Excellent condition.

original black cellidoe.e. 2512. Tit. , ciosy lIlt ;2830 LANCIA ARTENA 17 lap tour cylinder. pitted Englisb ehinitine !Mike body. Scintilla V ettex. consmitinion 1n-eligibie• Five excellent tyres. Capacious, rehab!, , lit, Jesting. g395. Box No. 7311, MOTInt 181,1,1, 15, City Road, E•0.1. 031

CORD. Nkely preserved 1930 convertible 4/5-seater. New tyres. battery, tilzu:k mohair hin I Anti tfilillenll. (.;veryliling. including cm I tWitit).001:

Mit! data .41i,…etS 4499.

I. Sklanly, Glangow Road, Rast L.anarks. +.2832 CAR CABLE. insulated, spiral tautal braided, ideal fir vintage rewiring. 51) van) s (Sc., c•tv.O. S.A.E. sample. Itaont it,..lectricit:0, Par, Cornwall (2833 M.G. 1938 ” PB ” Resprayed, new hinel, lamps, Me,. re.elin inlet!, new side•eereens. Best

‘offer over 1,250. Box No. 752, M9To0 fikohT, 15. City itond, I2834 MERCEDES. 11 Mei ” ‘easier. Fitirio four-cylinder, two camshaft, supercharged. Pull electrical and road equipment, 2.seriter hotly. Large quantita of spires for early s)tle-velve 5etort•51artin ears. Blagdon F..14.timering 00., Biagrirm, Selittlil Hum, Northumberland. 12836 ALVIS

During 1951 we shall pursue our policy of Specialisation in all pre-war -ALVIS models Iron the earliest 1923 ” 12/50s ” to 1939 Speed 255 and ” 12/70s.” All enquiries will receive immediate and courteous attention, and any details or information on any car will be made available to all prospective buyers. Makers, R.A.C. or A.A. inspection welcomed. We are always interested in hearing from any owners or prospective owners of any pre-war models, and we are interested in details of any cars for disposal.

May we once again say that we think a pre-war ALVIS will, without doubt, give you reliable and economical service, coupled with the pleasure of driving a car built to the highest British engineering standards of material and craftsmanship. The spares position for all models is excellent.

Many second-hand spares for sale.

Inunechate Hfre 1’111’0105C. Part Exchange and Insurance on any car. ALTON GARAGE “THE ALVIS PEOPLE” 17, BROOK MEWS NORTH, CRAVEN ROAD, W.2. Paddington 3952,4710 Two min. Paddingtoe Main Line and Tube

stations. TALBOT 65, Bkiek sun 1934. Wilson Tiny>, grnilit 211 by 3,1,09

Any ,…s:00,0att00. 3,20 Sr1 or part eXClinlige etualler. Clententson, 54, Church Walks, Idarelitiluti. (2.8.30 _ _

BENTLEY 6} ENGINE ITN 2.112. Complete except clutch shaft, disc and starter. Starter ring worn but repayable. Kept:reed by diesel C25 or offer front enthusiast. Rogers, 71, London Itoml, Kilmarnock.

(2841 DELAGE D.M.S. Engine, gearbox, front aile, steering, n heels, etc., for sale. Con bes,1d separately. Gatiagati and Ilan, aVonersh, Surrey. Brainlek 2021. (2842


Ott buret toe ; Iltigatti spitro, G.P. gearbos., I laths, d convereiou front shock-alistirbers. straiehrdlineigh cluteli, tank, front AA,. (bent a etc. : T59 pistons ; T57 twill. thermostatic radiator shutter,: ; T44 half-shafts ; 3:155 rinis, brakes, me ” Itik..^;Cia” Crown whiT1 anti pillion ; pail’ 6.111. let’. counteni,Spec.clinneivr, e.t llartfords. A. C. NV/lint:op, Old Orchard, Charlwood, Surres. 121814 SLAB TANK, :.1111 I

Bentley 34itte crier… parts, also hub extractor, ttrame.d, I win. tyres. Box No. 735, movie Si” II 15, City Road, E.C./. RILEY NINE, 193.1 Kestrel, but with single Si). Pnee 4200. Completely tiverhanted, wnslene wheels, crown wheel ;old ;ninon, bins dear,’ for large ex pert:Mule List 3,alirs, Car seen Kendal of arrangement. Illtellen, Castle Road, Kendal. Id Kendal 104 (Intsinees), 914 (evenings). 12845 VINTAGE BIANCHI, 19311 10,4 11.p. 0111.5′. 4 .se-ater sports, Brit 01 t, s iliC green. 1`;1!/; Valevi, starter,

t01111,1 ii cOvci, ballety. Beautiful car with ap. ‘Karmic, that for stile and test fer gemitile enitinrers. About 480 After

6 pan. 33, Anibleside, Streatham, 18,55′ .5(5. Tel. Streatham 5785. 12847 (-111. WOLF HEAVY DUTY ELECTRIC DRILL, Cern. talbbct disc ars] Pell,hing mon I 3 in. heave duty lathe ;not s(e), both .1, new am; hardly tised. 420 or sold. eeparately. A, C Wrieht, ’25. oaken genie!: Driee, 12549 1935 SINGER ” LE MANS ” 1 PIN% -.6: cy1111,1,1. Mite S.C. VarbilleiterS, Slab tank. izood tyres aml 2. 50

110,15 ilti I paint work gornl. [2s:30. W. Liselley, R.:A:. ‘alms, corm:midi( Barracks, Keut. Tel. : Dover 014. 2:450. ALLARD, 1947 (Novenitx.r). eptaml 2/3-seater’droplicail truck tasty. Eir,sily convertible, one owner. IL Li/lacy, The. cud Coring…, l5-nns/V:1d, Notts._32852 FRAZER-NASH,314 slsswr. Four-speed. lieW tyres. battery, 11,s41, lonileatt coVvr. (101..1 throw:limit. 4225, no offers. Box No. 736, Moron Seuter, 15. City 31,5,1.1,i, lICk 12853 DIMAGE, 1921 1 I I 11 any nf the kind enquirers after this car, adeertieed at 3,30 in the Ni.vember

:tic Still iillOre.sto.l. it is Move ilvailabic again, previous pitrelmser ‘Mean; defaulted in payment. Beaeis, I trewhouse II ill. Wheathilinteitteati. weeetemupsteait 2175, i2856 JOWETT TOURER, 7 . 11127. Genuine vintage

car. Good tenni, eide screens, and tyres, 45 mpg. 135. It inghatii. 54. tiro. ..Ty Road, I lorsell, Surrey. Tel.: Woking 1254.. 12857 I. H. BARTLETT LTD. OFFERS. New type 55 V1AT 500 pistons, iww. M.G. 1,-type Mail, 430. 51.1′,. radiator, ,CI11. 51.1.1. gear

box, P type, 1,35. M.G., lit•type gearbox, 1,25. 51,0. twin wheels and axle shafts, 3,25. Alvis speed 25 Met; axle, 435. Attie. Speed 25 ‘,rakes and drums. AstomMartin cylinder head, twin earburetters, dynamo starter, water pump. carburetters (51.0. I’ type), 51.0. connecting rods :nal clutch, 10)1.0 .112(1 gearbox, 435. Lagonda 24itre engine parts, axle ehafts and hulas, grease guns, Ills. each. All Lagonda Rapier spares. Motley 211-litre engine and gearbox, baek axle, complete brake drums. Some front suspension parts. Also rear en:Ten:stmt. P11)(1 spot light, 43. ALS° other Snot lights, 25e. Oil coil, 12.s. eal. S.C. petrol pumps, 42 each. We are interested buyera of all sports and Continental ears. Also crashed sports cars. 27a, Pendiridge Villa:, W.11. Tel..’ liny,witteS 0523. ALVIS SPEED TWENTY foursealw dropliterit et:4:11,5: by March, 1935. Excellent chasms. Alvis met:dile grey. Telecontrols, 1`.100s. Laid np during war Price 4375. Sven lie at monument. Ewell, Link Hotel. GOTtion Avenue, .titatintore. ;2021 RILEY NINE SPECIAL. High-compression 5Iartlet pistons, twiu extenral exhaust, its,, light allatuinium body. ‘Trials or fast MO car. 4285. Newlin:II, Park Road, kV011eScote, titourbridge. 12922 INVICTA. 111:35 100411.1).h. 3-litre open 5-seater. Cempleteli. rebuilt 1946. New hotel, tonneau, engine, ellassii. body. tyres all eXinellent. 4295, Itylamt, Alletiord, Mineheatt. Porto& 11)0. (2923 1950 VINCENT BLACK LIGHTNING engine unit, eomplett ha the latest ituntitications. Two trots! heads, 432 -nun. carburetters, etc., run approximately 430ti mike, only ill 11101.0r.i.:yde Inni guaranteed in t eon:Miran throtieliont. 011n. 2, Sunderlitud

leixel, Forest Itill, 1,21)2 HUMBER TOURER, 1991 99.8 b.p. itood, body. cork gnid. let I.. running condition. Taxed, insared. Offers to Haworth, 91, Able; Crass l.,ine, llorrichtireli. Essex. (2814 RILEY KESTREL, 1) It.p. twin ciaburettere. Sent. tilla, new battery. Very efe:an, with almost complete spa,. 245 or Mar. AlviS Silver 13,aijle, single or triple carburetters. Itelnired and shall 1.rrointil ret emit ly, new lett teries, excellent chassie., mares( :,150, Aire; 11.0111 anti C0111plete, Ii’ II /to, and pillion, 211.111. Wilt.s^lti, iKlitfyid …illy Silver bathe, T. C. Ivens, Nrartls Onershy , ‘Jul. : i)wersby anew ‘202. (2512

LAGONDA 16/80 N.’;111 Oen Plas 20e:eater. Carefulb maintaieed. eondition. Tel : Wimbledon 0423. e28t3 B.M.W. TYPE 021. 0:19 loom, 3,10 lu S. 1414,11041

drive. New hood. tyree, liattery. me. Chassis just eianpletely over

hauled. Winne knr ill ii1,4 CIASS 1.4h Itartheilly. Noakes. 30, Trevor Mao:. London, 18..0.7. Tel. Kensington 1317: .. t:2:1r -1151 650-C.C. THUNDERBIRD. Delieercil Iice:

lean. (“lineal, .1, [M611,’, leliV1:1 V 11,1, int’. /2211. 1711, Oto:11 .11,,rdc11. Stirlcy. 2112(1 Alms, 1931 Silver Eagle saloon, 20 h.p. Good tyres., tmffieators, new battery recently, rear luggage boot. Very good body, leather interior. Mechanically first-class. Taxed. Any trial run. 485. Apply after January 11th, evenings after 7 p.m. or Sunday Mornings11J. Stone, 8, Boston Road, Boundary Road, Walthainstow. E.17. (2027 DELAGE, 1931 1)8 saloon by Chapron. Good order throughout. What offers over ,6100. Box No. 751, Moron Smarr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 12928 “BUILD AN ARC WELDER ” (A.C. mains). Simple plans and easy to follow instructions, 6s. 43d. Discon, Peterborough Road, land, Peterborough. (2528

2#-L/TRE 4-seater tourer. Rebored, crankshaf t reground, bearings remetalled, new valves and springs, new thermostat, reconditioned cylinder head, reconditioned %rater pump and radiator, clutch relined and new carbon, gearbox overhauled, including new selector and lay-shaft and ball races, worn gears replaced, new silencer, new king pins and truck-rod ends, front brakes relined, new twin Zenith carbiaetters and electric petrol pump, dynamo, starter luid distributor reconditioned, rewired, new Dagenite battery, thermometer, petrol gauge and tank unit, cut-out and junction boxes, Side and tail lamps, excellent tyres, five new Dunlop tubes. Rechromed and resprayed black. This car is good for Many trouble-free miles. Price /495. Boa: No. 754, Moroi/ Sporn’, 15, City Read, E.C./.. [2929 OF INTEREST TO MOTOR ENGINEERING FIRMS. Complete drawings together with first two sets of gears for conversion of ordinary Ford Ten gearbox to close-ratio four-speed. Due to heavy commitments It may be a considerable time before we could organise the manufacture and distribution of this conversion box, and we are therefore inviting oilers from firms interested in taking over the project. The gears will not be sold separately at this stage and only firms interested in manufacturing this box should apply. Pat Whittet and Co., Ltd., Whinkunts Works, Macdonald Road, Lightwater, Surrey. : Bagshot 3338. (2030 • WA NTED LANCIA LAMBDA or Augusta, also any spareS. Or Alfa-Romeo, any model, unsupercharged. Searle, 90, Brighton Road, Banstead, Surrey. Tel. : Burgh Heath 1520. [2761 WANTED URGENTLY. Back lode for 1925 Vauxhall ” 14/40.” Also wanted, but less urgently, front axle with brakes. P. Butcher. 5, The Glade, Welwyn Garden City. (2770 M.G. Midget ” TC ” model preferred, good condition. Lowest cash price to F. Bloomfield, Heber, ham, Suffolk. 12772 SPORTSMAN, emigrating to New Zealand, wishes to take 4-seater sports car. Up to 1 -litres, price to £200 or will exchange 11)35″ 10,8″ Triumph Gloria sports saloon. Full details to 17, Aragon Drive, Barkingside, Essex. (2775 ASTON-MARTIN or Alois saloon. Lagouda 2-litre Speed Model. Up to 4250 for good specimen. Full particulars 88, Southbourne Grove, Southend on-Sea, Essex. [2786 SPEED TWENTY ALV]S open 4-seater. Must be in reasonable mechanical Condition. Will view and pay cash up to 1;250. Box No. 700, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2783 FIVE WHEELS, I )-in. RudgeWhitworth knock, off for 5.50 tyres for lagonda. Munton, Larchwood

Farm, Seal Chart, Sevenoaks, Kent. 12796 GARAGE PREMISES required Chelsea, Knightsbridge, or Kensington area, to hold eight to twelve cars. Exemplary references. Would take lease or purchase frerMold. Existing business not required. Box No. 702, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, KC. I. [2801 ALVTS “120,” 2 or 4-seater, or saloon might suit if exceptional. Must be in good condition and reasonable price. Box No. 710, Mows SPoRT, 15,

City Road, E.C.1. (2810 ENTHUSIAST requires Lagonda Rapier or similar. Reasonable condition and price cash. Jubilee House, New Road, Rubery, near Birmingham. [2820 ALLARD or Ford V8 body or any part thereof wanted urgently, Can anyone please help. 84, Grange Road, Sutton, Surrey. Tel. : Vigilant 3403. [2818 COMPLETE CHASSIS and suspension for Lloyd 350. Any reasonable condition. Or complete car, alive or slightly dead. Would Consider exchange 350-cc. Norton for real go-er. Please, it must be cheap. Box No. 731, Moron SPottr, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2825 ALFA, Type RH, 2,095 c.c., 1927 Handbook Manual. Also two tyres, 5.25/5.90 by 20. Buckman, New Wood, liable): lheath, Welwyn, Herts. [2820

1932 RILEY NINE DYNAMO AND TIMING WHEEL. Exchange plus Cash if desired. Box No. 732, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2827 WANTED TO PURCHASE. Austin Seven 2-seater sports, preferably Austin Nippy, with reasonable engine, body condition immaterial if price is low. 257a, Croydon Road, Beckenham, Kent. Tel. :

Beckenham 1000(2829 PAIR FRONT BUCKET SEATS for narrow vintage V.D.P. ” 3011)8″ Vauxhall tourer. Ex-Bentley or similar, preferably red or maroon leather. Box No. 737, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.t. (2815 PRIVATE BUYER extends welcome to well-kept Riley Nine. Fullest details appreciated. Smith, ” Lytham.” Libanos Road, Ebbw Vale, Mon. [2837 “MOTOR 8POR-1” January and February, 1950. Please state price required. Box No. 714, MOTOR SVORT, 15, City Road, [2539 WANTED, TO BORROW, buy or hire handbook for 10.11.p. 1935 Lagonda Rapier. Cochrane, 4, !Ascetics Lane, Northallerton, Yorks. (2840 SUNBEAM DAWN CRANKSHAFT, or complete engine unit required if raison:dile. Power Unit Engineering, Ltd., Burruantof ts Works, Torre Road, Leeds, 9. (2843 WANTED FOR RILEY NINE, instruction manual,

preferably 1930-15. Offers phase. Capt. Grunt, 4 Training Regiment, Catterick Camp, Yorks. [2851 HEALEY. Saloon or coup& Will purchase outrigth or Offer 1040 WOlselty Ten in part exchange. Oldfield, College Mead, Yarnton, Oxford. [2855 ENGINE, GEARBOX, FINAL DRIVE D.K.W. Pre, ferably de-luxe. Condition immaterial. Cheap. Box No. 738, Moroa SpORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (2863 ROLLS-ROYCE 20-b.p., or ” 20/25 ” drophead coupe. Full details, and photograph if available ; 1929 or later. Box No. 739, MOTOR SpORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2888 FIAT 509A, 1928. e.W.P, or diff. assembly complete. Consider axle if cheap. Anderson, 96, Geoffrey Road, Shirley, Warwickshire. 12887

AUSTIN SEVEN. Age immaterial so long as a mural’ and in good condition. Youth wants to start motoring. Wentworth, 6, Thorneliffe Road, Southall. (2870 19 In. KNOCK-ON WHEELS 42 V centres, wheel nut 8 threads/inch, fold-tlat windscreen, two bucket seats, 11 3, off hand break. Detttner, 781, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham. (2873 Continued on page 39

M.G. PA,” pB,” a Morris Hight tourer Relay 54, Langliani Road, Teddington, Middlesex.

‘Tel: Kingston 9148. 12864 CHEAP OLD aa, dead or alive. Wlsallutve-YMO Riley, Alvis, etc. Anything considered. Must he towable if non-runner. Cash settlement. -Box No.

711, MOTOR SpORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 12875 8th SERIES LAMBDA. can uo voit. trip save toy Site specimen from the breakers ? Cylinder block is corroded at base of lint’TS, lisa anyone spare block in Sound condition or salvage suggestion ? 0′; 0. Saunders, fill, GTOVe AVI4111e, MUSWCI) 11111, NMI. (2 -3-28 INSTRUCTION BOOK. German text

satisfactory. Wonld buy or borrow. Please make an offer. Ewing, 10, Barclay Street, Poughkeepsie. New York, U.S.A. [2819 VINTAGE ROLLS wanted or MereedeS, Type S 05 83K at reasonable price. Box No, 703, 107roR

Si-Our, 15, City Komi, E.C.I. (10$0 BENTLEY WARTED. Red Label. Oood inechanieal eatillition essential, Box No. 7115, MoTou Seoter. 15, City Road, E.C.1. tlf1i13 LAGONDA 2-LITRE diortw.-1,1 ‘Ntust he in

good-order throughout. Box No. 700, MOTOR spowr. 15, City ltOrni, (1(184 POUR-SEATER OPEN TOURER ).agonda, Leaf, or similar, to lit Alvis ” 12/50:” FU.11 details to Foulger, S. Oroyv Road, UppenniU, near Oldham, Lanes. f 2757 DROPHEAD open saloon 4-seater still requires) under 12 hut. Catc,tI ern-Milton under 1,200. M. IV. Chetwood, 44, CrovrborOugh Road, Snuthend. [2702 “TA ” OR “TB.” Good pris:c for r”afir good specimen. Fullest details please. 40, Statile>, Avenue North, Prestwich, Manchester. (2765 REAR AXLE for 4k-titre [avian “5” series. with 341 ratio. Musl be complete with brake drama, hubs, etc. Box No. 744, MoTorr Suoar, 15, City Road, E.C,1. (2881 M.G.MAGNETTE “NA” BUMP urgently reelitaxl. Also interested in crown wheel and pinion higher than 8/41. R. F. Jordan, 7:3, Richards Terrace, Cardin. 2884 VINTAGE PRAZER-NASH, Bugatti, open Bentley or Lrmondn for reconditioning. Anything considered provided reasonable price. Box No, 745, MOTOR

Spowr, 15, City Road, 0,.C.1. (2886 COMPLETE OIL PUMP for 034 8utibersni Dawn and details of other spares. 11111, ” Kingswobd ” caPel Road, Clydach, Swansea.

EXTREME, BUT NOT VERY RICH, spthashist offers good home to Idower 4i Bentley with ” Le mms “-type bOdy. Original condition eaSeutial. rk,se send photo. All letters answered. Box No. Moron Sroar, 15, City Road, EWA. l2890 OPEN 2/4-SEATER SPORTS.. 01T-Alf a, Alvis, 1.12122.1i:10.0:2: or similar type around the early ’30s. Most be reasonably weatherproof. Quick cash transaction Sir the right article. Write, 33, High Street, Melton Mowbray. : Melton Mowbray 533. WHEELS. 21 by 0.00 rims or complete wheels; 52 or 02 num Rudge huhs. Leo, 5$, lIoltspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield. Tel. Beaconsfield 529, after

MAKER’S pKmiR’S CATALOGUES of any pre-war, violate or yeternn sirs Ftill details to Georgano. Arelitrondel wee, Jersey. 1 SILVER 011032 RADIATOR a t awl oil tiller i2a).310, distributor rotor itim, instractionmanual and other Spares. Parris,. 55, Bishops MIL Hutton, Brent

wood, Essex. Tel.: Brentwood 2320. 12024 E.N.V. TYPES 76. 110 AND 160 int:selector gearboxes. Iligh price.: paid. FL A. Engineering, 35, Grant Road, Addiscornlx, Surrey. (2524 SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG MAN (21), binning enthusiast for all motor sport, good driver and good Leien photographer. :Seeks interesting lucrative pusitiutt. Will travel anywhere. ispytime. W ill consider anything. Box No. 755, Moron SpOi,i. 5, City Real, CC.). [25045 MISCELLANEOUS BOURNEMOUTH. Main Loudon Road; 42 ft. frontage, showroom for 16 cars, foreetiurt S cars. m’ork_sitops, hydraulic hoist, petrol pump, wittpressor, etc. Neon. signs, tluorescent Lighting, central heating. Turnover this year 000,000 lone hundred and sixty thousand pounds), audited tux:4)111dg. Lease 21 years at /.550 pa. Accept £4,000 for lease and goodwill. Stock, equipment, optional. Box No. 747, MOT()R SPORI, IS, City Road. 1289:1 1247

REMOTE CONTROL wanted to Ford V8 gearbox. Simpson, thmeholate, made .ilexham. (2881

1932-34 ALVLS SPEED TWENTY TOURER. Chassis must be in very good condition. but engine and body do not matter so much provided matter are damaged. Box No. 740, Moron Spoilt-, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2002