1951 Sports car races


Reading your analysis of the 1951 Sports Car races, I was surprised that you should include the One Hour Silverstone sprints on the same footing as Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, Giro di Sicilia, etc. Even this year’s Empire Trophy, although on a hard course, cannot really compare with these Grande Epreuves of the sports car world.

I suggest that a fairer marking would be to give 4, 3, 2, 1, points down to fourth place for the Trophy, and 3, 2, 1 to third place at Silverstone, retaining 6, 5 . . . 1 for the others.

Then, in overall classification, Ferrari take first place, with 31 points, Jaguar second (25), and Frazer-Nash third (23).

Perhaps this is a truer assessment of European sports car effectiveness. I should like to add that I am not Ferrari owner !

I am, Yours, etc,

Derek Taulbut, Bristol.