Reports of Recent Events, January 1953

London M.C. Gloucester Trial (December 6th)

Provisional Results:

Gloucester Challenge Cup (best performance of the day) —E. J. Chandler (1172 Chandler), 47 marks gained.

Thomas Challenge Cup (next best performance) —W. H. Waring (1196 Dellow), 46 marks.

Committee Challenge Cup (next best performance) — M.H. Lawson (1172 Lotus Mk. IV), 43 marks.

Team Award —Southern Lights—R. W. Faulkner (1,172. Paul Special), W.H. Waring and A. C. Rumfitt (1196 Cotton II).

First-Class Awards.— R. Chappell (Cotton III), E. Harrison (1172  F.H. III), R. W. Faulkner (1172  Paul Special), D. W. Price Jnr. (1080 Price II), T. C. Harrison (Harford III), R. W. Phillips (1180  Le-Tout), G. W. Best (1200 Austin).

Second.Class Awards—P. A. Atkinson (1225 Atkinson), G. P. Mosby (1172  Ford). A. E. Rumfitt (1196 Cotton II), R. Oakes (1172 E.R.H.), L. J. Oliver (1172 Oliver), R. E. C. Brookes (E.R.P.).

Bugatti O.C. Welsh Rally (December 6th/7th)

Invicta Trophy and Welsh Trial Trophy: J. W. E. Banks (Bristol 401)

Runners-up:  J. Moore (Morgan) and B. E. Bradnack (Jaguar).

Stubberfield Trophy:  W. A. L. Cook (Bugatti 57 SC.),

Open Cars, 1101 – 2,000 cc:  N. Jarrett (Dellow);  Over 2000: F. Preece (Jaguar XK120)

Closed Cars over 1,000 cc:  H. J. Davies (Morris Minor); 1101 – .2000 c.c:  J. W. E. Banks (Bristol 401);  Over 2000 cc:  J. Moore (Morgan) ; Special and s/c

. cars: W. A. L. Cook (Bugatti 57 SC).

U.H. & U. London M.C. & HANTS & BERKS M.C. NIGHT TRIAL (December 7th)

Best Performance: T. C. Sanders (A.C.); Best U.H.U.L.M.C:  J. I. Bremner (Lancia Aprilia)

Best H. & B. Member:  G. A. Robins (Vauxhall Velox)

Novices’ Award:  A. Stevens (Lea-Francis).


The Plymouth M.C. Mancunian Trophy Rally (December 13th/141h)

Nothing daunted by the Arctic weather, 14 drivers, complete with maps, torches and navigators, left the Elfordleigh Hotel, Plympton, from midnight onwards to compete in the last event of the year. Over 92 miles of snow and ice-covered roads were spread 10 timed check points, two special tests and two greasy observed climbs, all of which had to be found by map reference. The route by way of Whitechurch Down, Postbridge, Widdicombe, Buckfast, Staverton, Ashburton, Haytor, Sheepstor and Lee Moor was, to say the least, tricky to find by night, but in spite of one skid, resulting in a buckled wheel, all the crews reached Plympton for bacon and eggs at 5 a.m. The organisation, thanks to Leon Fredman, the Car Competitions Secretary, was well nigh perfect, and to those stalwarts who manned the controls, with little more than enthusiasm and hurricane lamps to keep them warm, a hearty vote of thanks is due.


Mancunian Trophy — Mrs. M. Hassell  (Vauxhall Wyvern), 14 marks lost.

Runner-up — A. L. Chard  (M.G. TC), 19 marks lost.

Third and Class Award.— W. McNaughton  (1925 Sunbeam), 44 marks lost.

The annual general meeting of the Plymouth Motor Club will take place at 7.30 p.m. January 15th, 1953, at the Moorland Links Hotel, between Plymouth and Yelverton. Will as many members as possible make an effort to attend please, not only to assist in the election of the new committee, but to discuss matters of great moment to the club.

North London C.C. (December 14th)

The closed Christmas Run took place on December 14th, attracting 30 entries, embracing five sections and one test, starting at Whelpley Hill and finishing with a Christmas dinner at the Royal White Hart Hotel, Beaconsfield. There was a novelty in the marking to benefit saloons and the carrying of passengers, as many as five bonus marks were awarded to closed ears and one mark per passenger normally seated.

After the lunch a team was selected, comprising D. P. O’Shea, Mrs. Rivers-Fletcher, Bob Bishop, David Render and Ian Metcalf, with Rivers-Fletcher in the chair, and questions were put to them by the audience, which led to considerable hilarity.


Premier Award —Ken Jones (Magnette).

First-Class Awards — A. F. Rivers-Fletcher (Mk. V Jaguar),  A. T. Young (Magnette) and G. B. Lilley (M.G.).

Second-Class Awards — D. Mayston (Alvis), M. F. Ault (M .G. TC) and C. C Foreman (M.G. TC).