Racing-Car Transports

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(1) European Ambassador. — The best-known English racing van on the Continent must surely be the much-travelled H.W.M. team’s green A.E.C. Specially built and given to John Heath by an appreciative enthusiast, it carries the three H.W.M. racing cars and all the equipment the length and breadth of Europe.

(2) Personal Transport. — Louis Rosier uses this large blue Renault van to carry his racing cars, sometimes carrying a 2 1/2-litre and a 4 1/2-litre Ferrari, but mostly the Formula II car on its own.

(3) The Last Word. —This 250-h.p. Lancia diesel, with body by Garvini of Turin, was specially built for the Lancia firm to carry four sports cars, open or saloon, and all spares. A hydraulic lift at the rear raises cars to the upper floor. It cruises at 55 m.p.h. and takes a mountain pass in its stride. It has yet to appear in England! Finished in blue and cream it is the best yet, in its class.

(4) Well Worn. — Johnny Claes’ big yellow Fargo transport that has carried Talbot, Simca and Connaught for the Ecurie Belge has covered many miles and last season threw its engine away with a bang. It now has a modern diesel fitted.

(5) To Carry The Winners. – This lengthy O.M. diesel carries two Ferraris and a lot of spares. The size of cab shows the Italian appreciation of the need for mechanics’ comfort when 1,500 miles have to be covered in a short time on “shift-driving.” Finished in duo-grey, it is one of the most efficient transports.

(6) Newcomer. — This silver Bedford belonging to Connaught Engineering carries two Formula II cars, spares, and mechanics, the upper-floor-front being fitted with seats. This is one of the few remaining transports to use petrol.

(7) Yankee. — The Cunningham team’s vast Twin-Fageol Coach is a travelling workshop that follows the sports cars around, providing for their every need. It is equipped to do everything, and they do mean “everything.”

(8) English Transport. — An ex-R.A.F. petrol-engined Commer carries the Cooper cars of Bob Chase’s Equipe Anglaise, the load varying from a “500” to two Formula II cars. This type of secondhand vehicle is very popular with the smaller English racing groups

(9) Scottish Advertiser. — A Maudsley motor-coach carries some of Ecurie Ecosse collection of sports and racing cars about the British Isles, with occasional trips abroad. A normal coach with the seats removed and the roof raised, is has a good carrying capacity, but the driver must get lonely on long runs!

(10) High-Speed Lorry. — The Talbot factory use this Talbot van to carry two Le Mans sports cars. Simple and straightforward in Talbot-blue, this and a sister-van represent Talbot at the major sports-car races, but next year may be carrying Formula I cars.

Racing-Car Transports “They Also Serve That Merely Wait, Then Carry”