"Chain Gangsters" Meeting



The Frazer-Nash section of the. V .S.C.C. met at Tewkesbury on December 4th/5th for the annual general meeting, prize-giving and “chain-ganging.” Unfortunately there were no G.N.s present this year, but of all the ‘Nashes present there was one 82-year-young gentleman and his 1926 ‘Nash whose history is unique. Colonel Ruck bought his car in 1927 and has since used it continuously except for two years in the war. Since the war he has been averaging 900 miles a month in Central Wales and the original side-valve Anzani has done an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 miles with only one rebore.

Colonel Ruck was made an honorary member of the section and presented the silverware for competition motoring to Messrs. Harris, Nunn and Truscott. Special awards were presented to Grice (Prescott Handicap) and Pugh (Anglo-American Rally), and the “Awful Warning Trophy,” which is a plaque with some remnants of a particularly ferocious ‘Nash blow-up mounted, was awarded to R. Major for replacing a fractured back axle with a spare one in the paddock and then racing at Silverstone. — D. T.