LETTERS from READERS, January 1956




N.B.-Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and ” Motor Sport” does not necessarily 118/10Ciatt itself with them.Ed.



I was interested to see in the November edition a phot)igraph of the prototype .M.G. built prior to the final production MCA.

By comparison of photngraphs I am of the opinion that the lines of the prototype are infinitely more graceful and imposing than the MGA. 1 his being so, surely the prototype would have been the more successful product as the majority of M.G. sports-car owners buy their ears not. only for fast and efficient motoring but also for the distinctive line of this marque. If a man only requires performance from his vehicle then surely the TR2 is a better proposition for hint. I consider that in the lung run M.G.s are going to lose orders to Triumph through trying to compete in the high-speed market, and I would venture to say that the MGA is a great mistake when M.G.s could have built the very distinguished-looking prototype. Return to more traditional lines, M.G. !

I am. Yours. etc..

Beilffird, A. E. BROAD.