******** ******** PLYMOUTH M.C. NIGHT NAVIGATION RALLY (Nov. 19th/20th)

Twenty-six competitors left the Club H.Q. at the Elfordleigh Hotel. Plymouth, and set off on 150 miles of ono of the most difficult routes ever used for this event. A special feature of this year’s route was that it was specifically designed to keep competitors out of inhabited areas, so as to cause the least possible disturbance to the public. Narrow Devon lanes with many misleading junctions, sorted out the competitors, so that by the commencement of the first special timed stage, one competitor was 30 minutes early and several never arrived at all.

The end of the final section, after five consecutive time controls, lay at the East Dart Hotel, Postbridge, from whence competitors returned to Club H.Q., at 5.30 a.m., and a well-earned breakfast. The premier award was won by J. Pascoe (Austin A40), navigated by J. Ruston. The team award was won by Messrs. Jefferies, Hay and Builder.

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