Miniatures News, January 1959

To keep their Vanwall model company as it were,  “Corgi” have introduced a miniature B. R. M., complete with that car’s unusual exhaust system, rear suspension struts, wrap-round screen and air intake, etc. It is 3-1/2 in.  in. long. sells for 3s. 3d. and is finished in British racing green. We believe some of the “Corgi” Vanwalls were set out in red, to please overseas customers but which made English collectors livid; however, the Vanwall is also available in green for those who naturally require their models to look correct.

The latest  Dinky miniature is a De Soto Fireflite (No. 192); this replica of the 300 b.h.p. American sedan being 4-9/16 in. in length and costing 3s. 6d. inclusive of p.t. The duo-colour scheme and prominent tail fins are accurately reproduced and windows are fitted.

We referred recently to the larger (1/20th scale) Tri-ang ” Minic” electric model cars. The full range comprises the Vanwall, Austin-Healey 100-Six, M.G.-A, Jaguar 2.4, Sunbeam Rapier Series I, Ford Zephyr, Ford Zephyr convertible, Vauxhall Victor, Bentley Continental and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.