These handbooks are supplementary to our range of Workshop Manuals, and contain information necessary for day-to-day running. They are of a size suitable for the cubby-hole. Listed below is a representative range-we have thousands of others. State YEAR, MAKE. MODEL. AUSTIN, all models 1932/61 … 13/3 AUSTIN HEALEY, all models … 13;3 B.S.A. three-wheelers, all years … … 8/3 B.S.A. Scout 1935/39 10/9 CHEVROLET, all models 1929/55

CHRYSLER-DODGE, all models 1946/54 … I6FORD (American), all models 1932155 … FORD Eight, Ten, Ang., Pre., Pop., 1932161 … 13/3 FORD V8, Con., Zeph., Zod., all models … 133 HILLMAN 1931/53 side valve … 9/3 HUMBER, all models 1936/60 … 13j3 M.G., all models 1934’61 … 133 MORGAN three-wheelers, all years … 83

MORRIS, all models 1934/61 … I313 PLYMOUTH, 1946/55 „,. RENAULT Dauphine … .. 23/9 RILEY Nine, all years … … 10/9 RILEY, all models 1936/61 131 ROVER, all models 1934/58 13/3

STANDARD, all models 1936/53 … VAUXHALL, all models 1933/60_ 1313 VOLKSWAGEN, all models … 22/

WOLSELEY. all models 13;3 Inquire for your car if not listed. State year, make and model. TUNING AND MAINTENANCE OF M.G.s, MIDGETS 1929-1955, by P Smith. AM /.Meth.E. A complete tumng inanuaJ, including supercharging. 180 1816 PPaEgResF078-MAN-CE CONVERSION EQUIPMENT, by Smith. A review of what there is available and an assessment of the possibilities. 138 pages … 22;3 MODIFIED MOTORING, byI. Sprinzel. A tuning manual, covers all B.M.C. 948-c.c. engines (Minor. A35

and Sprite). 122 pages … 22/3 THE SPORTS CAR, by J. Stanford. An interesting review of the evolution and development of the car for sporting use from 1903 to 1957. 224 pages. 107 illustra.

tions’ ‘ . 26/6 THE SILVER LADY, by N. Minchin. An unusual and most interesting story of the life of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, London-Edinburgh Tourer. 186 pages 26/3 FORD SPECIAL, by Stephens. A comprehensive book describing in detail building, modifying. tuning and racing the most popular of ” specials.” 200 pages 26/6 RALLYING, by Turner. The preparation, navigation and organisation. A really excellent and long-awaited book by Stuart Turner. 1957, 1958 and 1959 champion navigator. 120 pages … 22/3 M.G. COMPANION. by K. Uliyett. A history of the marque, its racing successes, with details of all models showing evolution . . 16,3 THE RESTORATION OF VINTAGE AND THOROUGHBRED CARS, by R. C. Wheatley and S. Morgan. An excellent practical handbook on the art of restoring worthwhile cars. 192 pages. 70 illustra dons AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIALS, by Williams. Full information on how to build from second-hand parts, how to maintain and how CO tune and develop it for Sports or Racing. Includes complete overhaul and reconditioning instructions on all pre-war Austin Sevens. 174 pages 2213 FORMULA JUNIOR, by J. alunsden. The editor of Motoring News gives full description of cars (British and foreign), modifications, during the season and many exciting eyewitness reports. 160 pages … 19/THE SPORTS CAR POCKET BOOK, by W. Soddy. From the Edwardian ” Prince Henry Austro-Daimlers, through the classic Bugatti. Bentley and Vauxhall designs of the Vintage period and the thoroughbred Alfa Romeos and Lagonda of the ” thirties ‘ to the low drag, highperformance Porsche and Aston Martins of today. the history and specification of every major, and many a minor, sports car is included. 253 pages .’ . 9)6 CONTINENTAL SPORTS CARS, by W. Boddy. A make by make account of 72 sporting cars manufactured on the Continent. Includes information on rare and interesting makes, together with much servicing information. 136 pages14/CARS OF THE CONNOISSEUR, by I. R. Buckley. A make by make illustrated survey of thoroughbred (classic) cars. Includes Rolls, Hispano, Mercedes, Bentley. Invicta, Lagonda, Bugatti, Delage, Ballot, Talbot, Isocta. Frazer Nash, Alfa, Aston Martins, Duesenberg, Cord, Packard, Stutz. 272 pages … 31/9 THE SPORTS CAR, by Campbell. New edition of this outstanding book which gives fullest possible coverage to the subject of the sports car. The various designs and types are fully described and discussed in detail. 300 pages, 150 illustrations CLASSIC CARS OF THE ‘THIRTIES. A superb collection of German drawings in full colour specially imported from Stuttgart by Autobooks of Brighton, who are sole distributors in Great Britain : Austro-Daimler Bermeister. Bentley, Bugatti Atalanta, Bugatti Royale, Duesenberg 5.1., Hispano-Suiza K6, Horch 855, Isom Fraschini 8A, Lagonda, Maybach Zeppelin, MercedesBenz SS, Mercedes-Benz 540K. Rolls-Royce Phantom 11, Squire. All are in full colour, expertly and beautifully produced and are eminently suitable for the decoracion of dens, offices, halls. showrooms, etc. Each picture is 13 in. by 91. in., and is affixed on a mount size 17 in. by 131 in.. ready for popping into a frame. The fourteen are supplied in a special sturdy case finished in red with gold embossed titling in which they can be kept if one does not desire to frame them … … 72/THE VINTAGE MOTOR CAR (Cheap edition), by C. Clacton and J. Standford. A make by make survey of Vintage motor cars 1919 to 1930. 232 pages … 5/9