4o.p. 13136 WANTED

BUGA'TTI T4o, T44 or any of the 11-litre models in good condition wanted in mid 1962. Good cash price available for the right car. Box No Q:849. 12849 OVERDRIVE FOR TRz wanted. Either type will do. Can be off broken TR if in good condition. Weaver, 1, Bank Drive, Longden Road, Shrews bury. [2941 GOOD SALOON BODY or 1938 r.,1 S.S. Jaguar. Leverett, 13, Western Avenue, Thorpe, near Egham. 12943 WANTED, ENGINE for 195.1;55 Daimler Conquest. J. A. Langdon, Tilter Down, Pensax. Stockton, Worcs. Tel.: Clows Top 27,1, (2833 FOR e933 ALFA ROMEO 2.3 roadster, tront-end components wanted (grille, bonnet, lower moulding, radiator, possibly wings and running-boards;. Present Zagato-style body was badly modified in rebuilding years ago. New owner wants to restore to original; might buy entire restorable body if necessary. Also need clutch plates. Can you help ? Wesley Day, 2815 Beverly Drive, Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A. (2843 CASH OFFERED for 14 Six-Light Kestrel. Box No. Q.1346. (2846 MORGAN OR SIMILAR three-wheeler. M.O.T. tested. Clarke, Rectory Farm, Great Brickhill, Bucks. [2853 WANTED : TUBULAR or boxed chassis for 1955 A30 running gear; cheap. Write : Walker, 44, Palmerston Crescent, Plumstead, London, S.E.18. [2867 TYRES. 6.00 zo in. for 1925 Minerva. Richens. 139, Grays InTHREE M.G. SPORTS for £300! Not Mri2d8g6eSt Inn Road, 1,ciodon, but anything else considered in reasonable condition. Each car must be mechanically reliable. Chestom Arden Court, Ilenley in Arden (Tel.: 153). or Tel.: Aston Cross (Birmingham) 35S1 ibusiness). (2876 E93A S.U. inlet/exhaust manifold; Ford Y hydraulics. Harvey, 169, Pontypridd Road, Barry, Glam. (2878 1934 SUNBEAM TWENTY engine. Details to D. Clark, Chesterford Country Club:Great Chester

ford, Essex. [2586 FIAT 500, 1939, or later model, wanted, also 6-in.

centre lathe. Box No, Q.889. 128 DAIMLER 24-LITRE V-EIGHT enginewith auxiliaries; gearbox: must he in mint condition; full history please. Price collected. Fleetwood, " Sunnyview. ' Crooks Lane, Alcester, Warwicks. URGENT, AUSTIN SEVEN Ulster con(-rod. Brewer, " Rosslyn," Woodford, Cheshire. Tel.: Bramhall 772.[2896 CRASHED MORGAN Plus Four wanted for rebuilding, 1956 or younger. 'Box No. Q.897. .(2897 JAGUAR 3.81DART/Spcoial. Offer profitable Dormobile htre;sales business East SusseX, ripe for expansion, J.; 1,20o; 101 Herald, 5,800 Miles. L615; 3-acre Devon freehold, £350. -Offers. Box No. Q.898. [2:898 SPOT CASH for 110W surplus motorcycle spares, chain, accessories. Also J.A.P. 350 Or coo-cc. racing engine. Also any J.A.P. spares, Box No. Q.899. [2899 PORSCHE" recent model in good condition. Spot cash. Tel.: fill. 6177. 12900 WANTED: AUSTIN SEVEN tr93o-361. 58.0:1'. cert. tourer or saloon. Tel.: Cobham tSurrey) 2685. [2901 N.S.U. PRINZ 30 wanted. I have,, 1959 Fairthorpe Electron Minor and about L200 in cash and need a .4-seater. Abbott, Pippins; Hedgerow. Chalfont St. Peter. TR2 OR TR3 engine wanted. Lucas, 13i igst2o'n0eS, Warmingham Road. Crewe. (2924 MINOR 1000, 1959, engine, any condition. And unusual motorcycle, modern or vintage. Box No. [2925 ROCHDALE OLYMPIC. Riley t.5 based, low

mileage. Full details to Box No. Q.926. [2926 TONNEAU, SLIDING SIDESCREENS, white. for TR2. Jepson, 9. Park Hill Road, Wallington AUSTIN TWENTY, 1931 model, wanted : 1413112; (1.0.: 7877), Surrey. water pump complete, one radiator cap, and speedometer take-olf (gearbox drive) complete. Details of all or any tp : T. Quayle, Esq., Martins Bank Limited, Plymouth.[2928 WANTED : Good condition vintage oil-pressure gauge, 0-20 p.s.i.. approx. in, diameter. Trittort, 6s, Cadogan Gardens. SW.). 12939

TUNING EQUIPMENT for Ford tool:. Also wish to contact owner of " blown " Morgan 4;4 Series II. Leyland. 43. Wall Well, I lalesowen, Hr.

Birmingham. (2940 WANTED: OFFICIAL WORKSHOP manual 1954 Daimler Conquest " Century " saloon.

Horsey, 77, Vicar Lane, Leeds. [2963 MURRAY OVERDRIVE or 4-speed gearbox. Ford tool) tuning gear, oil cooler.Reasonably priced. Incledon, Flat 5, 334. Gillott Road.

Edgbaston, Birmingham. [ HARD-TOP and torineati cover for Sunbeam AlP2i9n6, Philip Ford, Park Road, Stroud, Tel.; 1592. [2996 WANTED, any of the following : S.S.t0o, Mark 2 Aston Martin Hitrei, K3 M.G., Bentley 3-litre Vanden Phis, or any other interesting car. Also bound copies of Murcia SprigT. I. D. Kennedy. 2, Cranleigh Gardens, Luton, Beds. Tel.: Luton 4216 (alter 6 p.m.).

SQUIRE Vanden His 2-seater built i 13013 n 1935 urgently required. L25 reward upon purchase for information -of whereabouts on one of these cars. I. D. Kennedy, 2, Cranleigh Gardens, Luton, Beds.

Tel.: I ,uton 4216 (after 6 p.m.). [3014 PORSCHE, low-mileage Super 90 or 35613 Camera wanted. Full details please. Box Bp. Q.ot6. [3016 TOURING BODY suitable P.I I Rolls. Any condition, Box No. Q.,329.13029 AVEZ VOUS a Lotus Seven, Terrier Mk. II, 1172. Fenwick, 156f8. St. Mary's Road, Sheffield, 2. 13042

UP TO iso really smind Ruby, Minor or similar. Write, Miller, 4, Loudoun Road, N.W.8. 13043 WANTED—PORSCHE z600 or 1600 Super engine. Lloyd, 216, Trowel' Road, Wollaton, Nottingham, Tel.: 72304. [3044 LAGONDA 2-LITRE low-chassis tourer. Suite price, condition and history. " Dam-mils," (dos more, Hitchin, Herts, 13c1,45 12;50 ALVIS, prefer " duck's-back " hut would con. sider good " beetle-back " or 'sports tourer. Early model requied. Box No. Q.o46. (3046 nucArri 35 Or 37, or oilier, preferably G.P. Please write, sending photo and particulars to Box

No. Q.o5o. (3050 ALTA CHASSIS c/w. axlesand suspension, pre1940. Clifford, Bentmoor, Low Bentham, Nr. I .ancaster. [3056 ENGINE FOR 1930 9fi28 Humber. Stribley, 58, Fairfield Way, Ewell, Surrey. Tel.: Ewell 2808, 13075 TR3 REAR SEAT, preferably red; tonneau cover. Jones, Red Cottage, Ashdown Road, Forest Row, Sussex. [3076 DUESENBERG " J " or " SJ " wanted. Please advise body particulars, wheelbase, price and condition. Cash payment. Box No. Q.077 [3077 VINTAGE LIGHT CAR or tourer, must be a runner. Good home, cash limited. %Thomas, 66, Avenue Road, Tottenham, N.15. 13078 FALCON Mk.II hard-top wanted. Beamand, 9, York Way, Liverpool, 19. 13137 PA ONE DEGREE UNDER •:splitting head; any spares ? Wadsworth. West Huntspill, Elighbridge, Sons, 13138 LAGONDA WANTED lor spares. Any model, condition, or location, if cheap. Box No. 0.097. 13097 C.V. IN GOOD condition, especially bodywork, Details : Wilson. 28, Pearl Street, Sanborn, N. Yorkshire. (3120 SPRITE. PREFERABLY JUNE '59 or later, under £400 Cash. Box, No. Q.151 (3151