V.S.C.C. Northern Trial (Nov. 24th)

First-Class Awards : B. N. Clarke (Austin Seven), D. K. Brown (12/50 Alvis).

Second-Class Awards : R. G. Winder (Austin Seven), C. A. Winder (Austin 12).

Third-Class Awards : J. A. R. Grice (Austin Seven), C. P. Marsh (Morris Cowley), Mrs. D. M. Day (Austin Seven).

Two important fixtures are scheduled for later this year. From May 9-11th the V.C.C. and V.S.C.C. will hold the International Federation Rally, starting from Brighton and finishing at Goodwood, with events at the circuit and a dinner/dance in the evening. On May 12th competitors can, if they wish, make a special visit to the Montagu Motor Museum. On the middle day of the rally there will be a run from Brighton to Bognor, veteran cars, 1905-1918 cars, and vintage cars taking different routes. Between May 3rd and 12th, embracing the Prescott National Open Hill-Climb of May 5th, the International Bugatti Rally takes place, based on Cheltenham and ending at the Crystal Palace, S.E. London, or at Goodwood in conjunction with the International Federation Rally, where a record assembly of Bugatti cars should be seen.

Foden steam wagon lovers will be intrigued to know that an enthusiast has compiled a list of 54 such wagons and D-type steam tractors still in existence. They range from a 1904 steel-tyred 5-ton wagon to a 1933 solid-tyred D-type tractor, and embrace seven Edwardian Fodens, the remainder being spaced between 1920 and 1933, the vintage examples including seven pre-1926 Fodens. In addition to the 54 listed in some detail, seven further wagons and eight more Foden tractors of which the numbers are known, are thought to be in existence. The compiler wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, to avoid endless correspondence, but letters relating to Fodens can be forwarded.

Recent discoveries include two side-valve Riley chassis, one disc-wheeled, the other wire-wheeled and probably a “Redwing,” and a model-T Ford chassis frame lying outside a Wiltshire garage. A Bugatti is rumoured to be salted away by someone who neither uses it nor wishes to sell it, and we hear of a Bean, never used, but started up and polished by its owner every Sunday. A model-T Ford chassis, minus engine and front axle is reported in Hampshire, someone wants to sell a boxed spares kit for a Bosch ZR6 magneto, and offers are invited tbr three 32 x 4.5 in. tyres, two Dunlop, one Goodyear. We also hear of an early Claudel Hobson carburetter, approx. 1.5 in.-Choke, 275 main jet, barrel throttle, for sale cheaply. A bull-nose Morris is rotting away in a Northamptonshire barn but may be acquirable, another 2-seater bull-nose Morris with derelict body, a similar car with brake body, a chassis of the same make, a near-vintage Humber and two near-vintage Vauxhalls lie behind a garage on A30, and an early Scammell lorry is reported in a scrapyard at Hitchen. Another early commercial vehicle is a large Berliet tipper with solid rear tyres seen in running order near Orly in France last summer.

Robert A. Kisch has initiated the One Off Components Company, to supply obsolete and prototype components and assemblies. His address is Mill Cottage, Cocking, Midhurst, Sussex.

Miscellany. A reader saw a 1931 B.M.W.-built Austin Seven working hard for its living in Germany last summer. Someone has a 1935 Vale 2-Seater, in running order with M.O.T. certificate, and wishes to know if any others are in use, and to receive data. A s.v. Riley tourer has been restored in Sussex. The Middlesex Chronicle published a picture of King Edward VII being driven over Brentford canal bridge into Isleworth in 1964, in a Mercedes car. Apparently the photograph was taken by “Wakefield, Automobile Photographer, Brentford” and the reader who sent the cutting points out that Pennington’s shop, seen in the background, is there to this day.

The Chain Gang Gazette, official publication of the Frazer Nash section of the V.S.C.C., is to be congratulated because some intimate and refreshingly new items about G.N.s, by Raymond Morgan, appeared in the Christmas issue. Jeremy Bacon has added a 1905 Milnes Daimler double-decker ‘bus to his collection. An 1885 steam launch has been restored in the I.O.W. Its owner also has a 1930 Foden steam wagon with which he made a 550-mile journey from Sussex to Cornwall and back last summer. Someone is restoring an Edwardian Singer Ten, the engine of which may well turn out to be one of those used by the works for competition purposes. The cover of the current issue of the Standard-Triumph Review is a fine colour picture of a 1913 9.5 h.p. Standard “Rhyl” 2-seater which was supplied new to a Rev. Hall by J. J. Wright & Sons of Dereham, Norfolk. In 1930 they took it back in part-exchange and have kept it ever since. The picture was taken of this car outside Gressenhall Rectory to which it was delivered originally just 50 years ago. The Standard Car Register reports that a 1929 15 h.p. 6-cylinder Standard “Exmouth” fabric saloon, of which only 775 were built, has been discovered in a garden, a children’s plaything. It started easily and is being restored. A 1921 Standard SLO 2-seater is being rebuilt in Cambridge by Standard-Triumph distributors.

Enquiries. A reader who met an old man who remembers when, as a child, he and his friends were paid 1d. a time to push each new Rothwell car up the steep hill from the factory were they were made in Oldham to the main road (!), wonders if anyone recalls this make? Another reader wants to trace a 1929 Armstrong Siddeley 15 h.p. saloon, Reg. No. RP 7892, owned by his uncle until about 1958. The owner of a 1930 Hillman 14 metal saloon seeks all possible information on these ears. Letters can be forwarded.

M.G. Vintage and p.v.t. owners are catered for by two organisations, the M.G. Vintage Register for 14/28, 14140, Mk. IV, 18/80 Mk. I, II and III and M-type (Sec.: P. Tennant, “Mariners,” Bosham Hoe, Sussex) and the Triple-M Register for o.h.c. Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes (Sec.: M. Allison, 11, Orchard End Avenue, Amersham, Bucks). Formed a year ago, membership is already nearly 120 M.G.s with dynamo-driven o.h, camshafts and 110 M.G.C.C. members. Fuller details appear in the December issue of Safety Fast.

The Vintage Austin Register reports 20 pre-war 1931 Austin 7s in its recently formed Austin Seven Section, ranging from a 1923 model to a 1930 Military Seven. They hope for the largest gathering of Austin Sevens in recent years at their Beaulieu Rally in May. General membership ranges around 200. Hon. Sec. R. J. Wyatt, 82, Coleshill Flats, Pimlico Road, London, S.W.1.