"Racing Cars" by Richard Bensted-Smith.

70 pp. 8-3/4 in. x 7-1/2 in. (B. T. Botsford Ltd., 4, Fitzhardinge Street, London, W.1. 12s. 6d.)

Having published colour-picture books on veteran cars and vintage ears it was inevitable that Botsford should bring one out about racing cars, although, remembering—as if we could forget!— the incredible flood of motoring books inflicted on us since the end of the war, it would be nice if any new title contained an explanatory note saying why author or publisher thought another one desirable.

This one has an author who can be trusted, goes quite a way in taking in post-war racing-car history, from ERA, Alfa Romeo 158/159, Maserati 4CLT and Lago-Talbot to moderns such as Cooper, Lotus, Porsche, Dino 156 Ferrari and Ferguson. It’s the colour plates that count, of course; we note that Motor Sport contributed that which appears on page 420 but as the book runs to only 70 pages our blushes are spared.—W. B.