An uncle's choice


May I thank you for the enjoyment I got from reading your discourse “Where Are We?” Your remarks on lack of incentive apply not only to executives and technicians. I would say to anyone connected with productivity also, and this is in the news just now. You are right, too, regarding our food and the “quacks.” However, I do not agree that unprogressive makes of cars be left to Auntie and Uncle. I am the latter and have chosen a D.K.W. Junior, which in my humble opinion is a better engineering job than, to quote, “the most revolutionary small car it is possible to buy.” The designers of my car have by the right choice-of engineand sound design been able to give us front-wheel drive without slewing the engine round sideways and all the added complications that this involves.

The R.A.C. Rally result has proved this type of engine. Where was that revolutionary small car ? What a chance it missed!

Maidenhead. LESLIE WELLER.