Oh dear!


I was rather interested in Mr. Morgan’s letter “More Fords,” as I had the following experience with “Britain’s number one car.”

Whilst on holiday at Bournemouth my 105E lost all oil pressure. This car had covered 34,000 miles; the oil was always changed at the recommended intervals.

The local Ford Distributors found that the oil pump had failed. As they did not have an oil pump in stock and were unable to obtain one locally they ‘phoned the Service Department at Dagenham, who assured them that an oil pump would be put in the post by return. Three days later this had not arrived, and as I had to be back at business the next day we had to use Dr. Beeching’s facilities, including my miniature poodle, who was Charged 15s. 9d. for sitting on my lap on the journey.

I was, however, able to obtain an oil pump at the local Ford Distributors in London. With the new pump I returned to Bournemouth—this of course meant taking another day off from business; however, I was able to return with my car.

I sent the faulty pump back to Fords, asking for their comments. After five weeks I received a postcard informing me that the Technical Department would be dealing with this matter. This was five weeks ago and I am still waiting.

London, S.W.17. H. F. SNYDER.