Shades of service


I, too, had to deal with a Consul which put a rod through the block at 11,000 miles. The parts which had failed were forwarded to Dagenham on August 23rd and I received a reply on October 8th; six weeks later. The delay, they explained, was mainly because I had not dealt with the matter “in line with build up 6005.” (I replied that I had unfortunately followed my usual procedure Z4628.)

During 35 years in the Motor Trade I have had little success in obtaining sensible answers to technical queries from Fords, and I have not the slightest hope of hearing what they consider really failed in the present instance, in spite of genuine interest and a suspicion that splitting of the deeply slotted big-end nuts may have been the cause.

Another correspondent refers in favourable terms to Hepworth & Grandage, a firm who, in pleasant contrast, will always offer really practical advice on any problem connected with pistons or rings.

Bridlington. A. C. SAVILE.