P.S. – comment from Ontario…




Intelligence has reached the Canadian backwoods that the Rover Company have spent five years’ development time and millions of pounds on the production of a new car of advanced design, advertised as having “revolutionary technical advances that take motoring years ahead.” I visualise a car with: (1) fully independent, hydraulic suspension; (2) 4-wheel-drive, or, at least, front-wheel-drive; (3) maximum retardation, non-locking brakes; (4) an efficient engine producing 75 b.h.p. per litre; and (5) a smooth automatic transmission, or a fully-synchronised, 5-speed gearbox. Would you please publish details of this new car?

The only Rover described in your November issue contains no new features, except, perhaps, the formation of the combustion chambers in the heads of the pistons, and I am sure this did not require millions to develop. The rest of the design is conventional, and is already outdated by existing cars having all-independent suspension and front-wheel-drive.

Peterborough, Ontario. F. G. Dance.