Miniatures news, January 1965



Lesney have among their usual inexpensive little replicas a Snow-Trac and a Lincoln Continental (1s 11d. each); respectively Nos. 35 and 31 in the “Matchbox” series. Corgi have brought out a bigger miniature with working screen-wipers that can be turned on and off (albeit the blades are behind the screen)— another advance in the battle-for-the-lead in novelty-fitmentsof the fine Mercedes-Benz 600 limousine. Triang are still turning out car miniatures, their 1/42-scale Spot-On Austin 1800 being out in time for each guest to B.M.C.’s 1964 Motor Show lunch to receive one. They also have a 1923 Morris-Cowley model costing 9s. 11d. which is extremely well detailed, realistic and well-finished, offering a warm challenge to the Corgi historical models, of which the latest is the model-T Ford revamped with a detachable hood. Another recent Spot-On is their Jaguar S-type, priced at 5s. 11d. Britain has nothing to fear, in this field of the toy industry.—W. B.

Castrol have added four new films to their film library “Brands Hatch Beat,” about the 1964 British G.P. (26-1/2 min.), “The Roughriders,” dealing with three internationally famous moto-cross riders (33-1/2 min.), “Powerboat Express,” of this year’s great Offshore Powerboat Race (24-1/2 min.), and “Dragstrip,” on the International Drag Festival at Blackbushe (8-1/2 min.). They are available free on loan to Clubs; apply to Castrol Film Library, Castrol House, Marylebone Road, London, W.1. Nine older titles are also available, running from 9-1/2 to 37 min.
* * * *

Miss Betty Haig, Shellingford House, Shellingford, near Faringdon, Berkshire, is compiling a Register of ,em>post-war Frazer Nash cars. She requests owners to supply details of chassis, engine and registration numbers, model, date and history of their cars, mentioning Motor Sport when so doing.