Bentley service


In the October edition I read a letter concerning poor Bentley service in Britain; I fear your correspondent related but half of the problem.

He at least was awaiting a comparatively rarely needed replacement part (a half-shaft) and some reasonable excuse might be forthcoming for difficulty in providing this. I have found, however, that the officially appointed agents rarely stock even the most routine spares for the 1946-1955 range of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars and furthermore the company invariably takes at least six weeks to provide them. This clearly means that one’s car (my only car) may be off the road for this time awaiting some minor part.

Nobody who owns one of these cars can fairly object to the very high price of spares; what I do object to is the extremely poor service that accompanies the price. For this manufacturer’s last-but-one production car, it isn’t good enough; the quality of the service does not match the quality of the car.

T. N. Allen.