Shopping for a Daimler


I was most interested to see a letter from my friend Philip Blackham in the December issue. Having driven with him in his various Daimlers, I can indeed confirm their superb handling.

I feel sure, however, that the late Laurence Pomeroy, Senior did not have a hand in their design (was he still with Daimlers as late as 1937?). I have always thought that the suspension was the proprietary Andre-Girling system (as used by one or two 1936 works Riley racing cars and adopted by the late Percy Maclure on his Riley in 1939) and that the chassis was the work of C. M. Simpson.

With reference to your review of the book “Hillman Imps”, by T. C. Millington, I cannot recall the author’s mother ever holding the Ladies’ Record at Shelsley Walsh in an Alta. I do remember her coming out of a long retirement to drive the late Philip Jucker’s Alta there at the very wet September, 1936, meeting and seem to remember that she ran out of road when her foot slipped off one of the pedals. As May Cunliffe she was, of course, one of the best women drivers of the nineteen-twenties with such stirring cars as TT Bentley and GP Sunbeam 2-litre.

David L. Gandhi.